How To Use Klout To Generate Blog Ideas

Klout is a notable social media manager analyzer. It’s free and widespread, and the Klout Score is so common among various social and blogging platforms, that use it as an indicator of quality.

However, Klout is much more than that. Klout can turn into a wonderful blog idea generator if you know how to use it for that purpose.

But first things first: before you run any kind of analysis on Klout, make sure all your interests and areas of expertise are tagged on your profile, because the range of suggested topics Klout will offer to you depend by large measure on these elements.

Once you have your profile completely filled and ready, follow this simple advice.

Topics Have A Say

Go to the Explore page in your Klout homepage and select topics of interest with the highest %. Open the most relevant (to your interests) in new tabs or windows and read through them, noting down what you can expand upon and improve to create a follow up that your reader can find engaging and walk away with a greater knowledge of that topic.

Look at the image below:

Topic percentages on Klout

Klout considers “When Your Pro Bono Offer is Turned Down” an interesting article for 11% of my social audience on the basis of my Copywriting and other areas of expertise. (This is why the expertise and interests tags are important on Klout!)

I could write a follow up on pro bono writing experiences and interview people who got a ‘yes’ to pro bono offers. Or, if I had a good idea on how to turn that offer ‘up’, I could share that.

The core of this method is similar to the Skyscraper technique: find some good content, then use it to write and publish even better content that builds upon it.

Don’t forget to email the bloggers you took inspiration from with a link to your post, so they know what you published; in that meail, thank them, too, for inspiring you. It’s the start of a relationship.

Find Engagement

Another way to use Klout is to see what tweets or posts of yours (in your niche) got the most engagement. You can use this statistics to create more blog posts about this topic that earned the most interest among your followers.

For example, if your most retweeted piece of content is about copywriting for noprofits, you can create more posts about that topic and build upon its already consistent success.

Daily Inspiration

Keep an eye on Klout’s news, topics and statistics. Check your stats daily or at least bi-weekly to collect blog ideas.

Create a schedule for writing, publication and outreach to let others know about your new posts. Use social media to connect with more potentially interested users.

There are ideas you can collect every single day on Klout, just looking at the stats and the Explore section. If you don’t have time to do this every day, set a day of the week when you will go hunting for ideas and let the inspiration flow.

You know your topic, after all.

How do YOU use Klout to generate ideas for and promote blog posts?

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