Things You Need to Tweak in Your SEO Campaign for the Rest of 2016

SEO 2016

Not long ago, Google changed its methods for ranking web sites. This has created an issue for many businesses, forcing them to consider their SEO (search engine optimization) approach. For enterprise companies, SEO is more important than ever. This is why I have decided to share some key factors that are now considered essential for search engine marketing.

User experience (UX) is now an imperative

SEO User experience EXIn the past couple of years, user experience has managed to grow from a mere factor to a major influence when it comes to SEO. Website speed and responsiveness, cross platform compatibility and other attributes have proven to affect search results.

However, enterprise departments will need to pay attention to some other UX variables, such as constructive internal linking and proper content structure. In the past, building a website meant optimizing it for users and search engines separately. This could lead to various conflicts of interest. Nowadays, Google has closed the gap.

Keyword research

There are people that say keyword research is a dying craft. In reality, it has only become a more sophisticated art. The majority of searches are usually synonyms for keywords, not exact keywords. Google must recognize these words so that it can direct people to where they need to go.
The result of this trend is that Google has started to focus on the intent of the searches rather than specific keywords that are used in it, making the searching process more of a “conversation”.

This means that SEO professionals will need to have closer collaboration with editorial teams in order to develop important topics that are relevant to the interests of your audience, while at the same time finding ways to design content that is inclusive of all the different things people might be searching for.

Building social networks

SEO Social MediaBuilding a social media influence is one of the essentials for a successful marketing strategy. However, a recently conducted study has shown that Google started to take social signals into account when it comes to search rankings. In fact, it has been proven that the amount of social signals on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ directly affects ranking in Google.

This is a clear signal for businesses: Build your social media profiles on key social platforms. This is essential when building a brand, managing reputation, increasing sales and improving search rankings.

This new data explains why some SEO campaigns are not as effective as they used to be. The best thing you can do is follow the recent trends and constantly improve your SEO knowledge to stay on top.

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