Archives for December 2015

How To Manage A Company’s Online Reputation

It's a tough nut to crack for bloggers, businesses and brand managers. Online reputation is totally outside of control -- it's in the reader's and customer's hands, they can push a company to the highest ranks or lead it to sink, online and offline. But does it have to be so tragic? Is reputation … [Read more...]

Google Says Less Reconsideration Chances For Repeated Violations

On September 18h, 2015, a Google Webmaster Blog post came up to shake webmasters and SEOs and give everybody with a website some food for thought -- Google is no longer granting an easy and painless reconsideration to those websites that violate Webmaster Guidelines again and again after they have … [Read more...]

HTTPS On Blogs and SEO: Is It Really Necessary?

Google has been trying to enforce HTTPS on all websites since August 2014, stating in their Webmasters Blog that they want to make sure that "websites that people access from Google are secure". To underline the importance of their pro-HTTPS campaign, Google said that implementing HTTPS would bring … [Read more...]

Should Your Company Website Have A Mission Statement?

You see this often on your partners' and competitors' websites. A page, a paragraph or a line stating the mission (or the values) the company plans to fulfill and how. When done in detail, a mission page will cover everything from business ethics to B2C relationships and HubSpot event lists 12 … [Read more...]