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Since it is that time of the year again when shopping for gifts takes precedence over everything, we must remember to shop smart. What this means knowing who your gift recipients interests and hobbies and how to combine that into an affordable and personable gift. Below we will show you some great gift ideas for your tech friends that love social media, while not breaking the bank.

When working on social media projects your friends most likely want to listen to music. Streaming music online is cheap and offers access to millions of artist and music that they are likely to love. This helps pass the time and introduce them to otherwise unheard of artists. A subscription to Pandora One for $4.99 a month or Spotify for a similar price is cost effective for almost everyone. You can often find discounts and promotions on their websites. Also, remember that both sites have contracts with different artists so just because your social media friend has Spotify does not mean they won’t like Pandora. Having both is better and gives them access to unlimited tracks. These are some great gifts that remain under $100 for holiday and Christmas shopping.

Once they have a subscription to listen to unlimited ad free music they are going to want to play it via some speakers. You can get a complete sound system for a few hundred dollars, but if you are on a budget a portable Bluetooth speaker does the job for a good Christmas speaker gift. There are many companies and products, but a great one is from EasyAcc called the DP100 ultra portable bluetooth 4.0 speaker which costs less than $25 on Amazon. These speakers are powerful and have great crisp, clean sound. Bluetooth functionality means no wires, which means less messes. It is lightweight meaning it can be taken almost anywhere and still boost booming sounds to please your ear drums. It can be taken anywhere a cell phone or laptop can be taken. If your friend is always on the go, you can give him/her skullcandy earbuds.

These are just a few ideas for shopping for gifts for social media enthusiasts. There are so many options, but it really depends on the person you are giving the gift to and their specific needs and wants. You have to fit what they need in their lifestyle, while staying affordable. When we say affordable we mean under $100 a gift per person.

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