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Increase Your Blog Traffic With A Clever Internal Linking Strategy

It's easy to forget your own blog when you spend a lot of time searching for traffic opportunities elsewhere. Off-site traffic is definitely good to have, BUT--- What about your current visitors? How do you keep them on your blog instead of driving them outside? What about your bounce … [Read more...]

18 Ways To Get Customer Reviews

How can you encourage customers to leave reviews for your business? Our Brandon wrote a great post in August 2014 on 13 ways to get online customer reviews, but I thought to write a follow up to his post, because the more alternatives you can keep in your toolbox, the better. A word of advice: … [Read more...]

Social Media Enthusiast Gifts

Since it is that time of the year again when shopping for gifts takes precedence over everything, we must remember to shop smart. What this means knowing who your gift recipients interests and hobbies and how to combine that into an affordable and personable gift. Below we will show you some great … [Read more...]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Facebook Business Page

SEO via Compfight It must have sounded like a nightmare when Facebook announced they would no longer promote Business pages in newsfeed as they used to and that they would aggressively fight newsfeed spam. Reminds you of Google, doesn't it? It does. Facebook has a wide user base and it has … [Read more...]

Why Do You Need Responsive Web Design?

Web design is evolving at quite a fast pace. What was seen as the best practice a few years ago is nowadays seen as something that should never be done. Out of the different modifications that happened, the one that has the highest impact at the moment is connected to how the website is seen on … [Read more...]

Does Guest Blogging Help With SEO Rankings?

I know, I know--- controversial topic after Matt Cutt's blog post shunning guest blogging for SEO in 2014. Even more controversial after the mass penalty on and the "all nofollow" reaction from eConsultancy that followed. Guest blogging really seems like a gray area to find your … [Read more...]