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Difference Between .HTACCESS and ROBOTS.txt File

It gets tough when you are a total beginner at the technical sides of running your own blog or website. I remember it took me a while to figure out the difference between the .htaccess file and robots.txt, because even though I always loved anything IT and computers, the first time you encounter a … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing List

In a world that becomes more and more aware of email spam, growing your email marketing list and sending out personalized email is as challenging as ever. Country laws prevent marketers to clutter their recipients' inboxes and often the simple act of sending a commercial email without the end … [Read more...]

9 Ways To Make Sponsored Posts Appealing To Readers

Sponsored posts have been the love and hate of many bloggers over the years. You can guess why--- it's very difficult to please both your advertiser and your audience alike. Who should you favor? Who should just 'take it' without complaints? The truth, as always, is in the middle. Both your … [Read more...]

Review of Jackery Power Pop Charger

We love the line of Jackery products. They offer so many amazing products that it is tough to keep track of them all. They are well known for their extensive line of battery chargers to power all your devices. The chargers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, charging power, and more. Some … [Read more...]

10 Branding Techniques Derived From Link Building For SEO

The game of branding is multi-episode. You do your best on each level to make your character win the quest and unlock new stories. Branding techniques are your episodes: you master one and make it win to unlock more opportunities to use even more techniques that will help your brand stand out and … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing Millionaire Khuram Dhanani Talks Trends

By far the most significant impact on marketing in the last two decades has been the evolution of the world wide web. It has completely changed the game in terms of human behavior; with the creation of social networking, e-commerce shopping, limitless amount of information available, and much more. … [Read more...]