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13 Web Tools To Help Improve Your Blog

By HomeSpot HQ (cc) To make your blog readers happy is a continuous challenge, isn't it? Sometimes it's tough to figure out what exactly went wrong when your efforts to put together a great post evaporated in a lack of comments, social shares and overall traffic. Even tougher when you are left … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Business Website Stand Out (And Earn You Leads)

Is your business website working for you? Does it earn the trust of your prospective customers? Does it get you leads and, eventually, sales? Maybe you have a nice design and interesting visuals, but your copy and the way your website is structured just doesn't click for your visitors. In this … [Read more...]

4 Things Every Marketer Can Learn from World of Warcraft

With over 7 million subscribers at roughly $15 per month, World of Warcraft constantly pulls in some big money and they've been doing so for ten years. While you may not think of video games when you're planning out your next marketing campaign, there are actually quite a few things that any … [Read more...]

How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy is incredibly important to your business success, but if you’re not measuring how well your strategy is working, you can’t know if you need to readjust your campaign. Although social media platforms offer their own form of analytics, these numbers don't give you a clear … [Read more...]

On-Site Factors That Matter In 2015

The world of SEO is forever changing. Google, Bing, Yandex--- every year, they all add new features and functionalities to their indexing algorithms and their guidelines. And alas, much of what used to work in the past is now surefire way to get your website in pretty poor conditions in the search … [Read more...]

How Taking Offline SEO Training Courses Helps Businesses and Employees Grow

Put employees and businesses to learn together in the same room and you will see how things begin to change —  everybody is in the same place, ranks no longer matter and the setting of the training encourages open discussion. Unlike in an online learning setting, there are also no delays in … [Read more...]