Detailed Guide on Mobile SEO

The ratio of people that use search engine on smartphones and mobile devices are growing. According to a study, 74% of the mobile users use different search engines during every day buying process.

Hence, Google and other search engines are trying hard to improve their mobile search metrics so they can serve better mobile and smartphone friendly results to a user. To do so, Google is going to release a mobile approachable search algorithm on 21st April, 2015.

This upcoming mobile algorithm is a warning to those webmasters whose websites are not mobile compatible yet. Hence, this is the right time for them to revamp their website and make it mobile and smartphone friendly else your website might not be able to survive.

A mobile friendly website covers three major configurations that follow mobile SEO guidelines, but majority of webmasters are not able to apply them properly. This infographic defines all the mobile SEO recommendations that will help your website to get ready for the upcoming mobile friendly algorithm of Google.

Here are the three configurations of Mobile SEO:


Responsive Design (Highly Recommended)

In this configuration, a mobile site will have the same HTML code and web content for the same URL irrespective of the user’s device (tablet, desktop, smartphone). The configuration adjusts the content according to a device screen’s size.

Dynamic Serving

This type of mobile configuration delivers separate HTML and CSS on the equivalent URL based on the web page request made by the user agent.

Separate URLs

The name itself suggests that a website need to have two different URLs for desktop and mobile devices both. Both mobile and desktop versions of the website need to be made for delivering the desired version of the website.

The infographic is designed and developed by Nine Hertz for webmasters and website owners, which will help them to optimize their website according to mobile SEO guidelines.

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