SEO Title Tags Optimization in 2015

On Site SEO 2015Google has been changing several title tags of articles displayed on search engine result pages (SERPs). The reasons for changes could be diverse including length of title tag to page content and search queries. Most SEO folks must know that the maximum permissible limit for titles is 70 characters. In fact, Google prefers titles whose length is between 50 to 59 characters.

Google has not suddenly brought about this truncation. Google always displays in pixels, but the search results of Google have been presented in Arial font. This implies that there are thin characters like 1 consuming less space. On the other hand, there are also fat characters like M consuming more space. Because character count can be understood easily by most people using the web, Google has now lowered the limit of character count for title tags.

When a data survey was conducted on 11,000 keywords, it was found that titles are changed by Google before displaying on SERPs. When the titles tags of Google were compared with the actual titles of articles, it was found that Google partially changed almost 36% of titles. In this case, the reformed title displayed was obtained from on page title having certain minor appendages. Moreover, Google had completely changed about 25.4% of titles, wherein completely different words were added on SERPs when compared to page titles.

Does rank position of search results determine changes to title tags? While carrying the survey on 11,000 keywords, it was found that title changes were evenly frequented on first as well as the tenth page of the search results. The rank page of search results did not affect the distribution of changes in title tags. The notion that title tags are changed for the first few pages was disproved. The frequency of changes in title tags was uniform for the first as well as the tenth page of search results.

The title tags may contain brands that are well-known or ordinary, such as Spotlight Resorts or Media Force. In case of ordinary brands, it must be placed at the end of the tag. In case of well-known brands, the brand name may be placed at the beginning of the title tag. Keywords must be not be stuffed in title tags: they must be readable. By ensuring these measures, the chances of seeing changed title tags in search results get minimized.

In conclusion, all SEO experts and online publishers must note that long titles are not compatible with Google’s guidelines. If you want that the title tag of the article remains unchanged, you must ensure that the title is suitably appropriate to the content. Moreover, it should be within 50-59 characters. In the title tags, the placement of keywords must be at the beginning in order to create better influence on search engine results.

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