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Email Turns 44 in 2015 [Infographic]

In 2015, email celebrates its 44th birthday. While electronic mail messages have been around since 1971, their format and the way we use them has changed tremendously in the past 44 years. In celebration of email’s anniversary, let’s take a look back at its history via this infograhpic from … [Read more...]

SEO Title Tags Optimization in 2015

Google has been changing several title tags of articles displayed on search engine result pages (SERPs). The reasons for changes could be diverse including length of title tag to page content and search queries. Most SEO folks must know that the maximum permissible limit for titles is 70 characters. … [Read more...]

5 Great Ways to Use Excel for SEO

If there is one tool that a professional SEO or PPC manager will use frequently it’s Microsoft Excel. Becoming proficient in the more advanced aspects of Excel using formulas and functions can make a meaningful difference to being able to successfully mine SEO and traffic data to discover useful … [Read more...]

Will BlackHat SEO Still Work In 2015?

BlackHat SEO refers to tactics and techniques which focus on achieving high SERP positions without following the search engine guidelines. Some of these tactics and techniques are parasite hosting, keyword stuffing, cloaking and sneaky redirects, hidden text and links, paid links and doorway pages. … [Read more...]