Choosing a Domain Name Extension

With all of the new domain extensions available and the current ones it can seem like it is difficult to make a choice regarding the ones that are right for you and your business. Below is some helpful advice that can help you to spend your money on the right domain names instead of wasting it on the ones that you will not use.

There is a way to think about purchasing domain names that you plan to keep because you have to firstly understand whether you are really interested in the names. If you have a plan in place that is specific to your goal, it will help you to achieve your aims.

Branding Online

There is every chance that this is the main area that will take up a lot of your attention because you may be thinking about how to brand your new websites or you could even be considering a rebrand. You may not have yet reached the stage where you make a list of names that are specific to your business but you will have to think ahead and consider any projects that you may take on in the future because this will give you a rough idea of how you can move forward.


New extensions come with a level of versatility because it means you can think about names for your projects that are more creative. You may have projects in subdomains or folders, if this is the case then giving them their own domain name could be a good move. This is the right thing to do if  you have been stalling because you have been unable to find the right extension.

Protecting the brand

It is common for the domains that you register in an attempt to secure your brand will also be classed as a redirect. However, with a large number of extensions available, it is worth looking into those names that can be redirected for the time being and can then be turned into a side project in the future. For a domain that has been registered for a dual purpose or has been put aside for use in the future offers better value for money if it is used as a redirect for the time being.

Investing and Experimenting

Domain names can be purchased for experiments and this does take a little time and money but it can become profitable and help to direct you towards other names. Often domain names come free with most cheap web hosting packages. Purchasing a domain name that is free from trademarks using one of the many new extensions in order to sell in the future could also prove to be successful, especially if you take time to make your choice whilst making sure that you sell at the right time. Look for terms that are generic and ensure that you have a backup plan in place for how you may use them if you decide not to sell them on.

External Branding

If your business has a premises or a vehicle or even business cards and flyers, using a new URL that is shortened that redirects to your current site can help to make your brand easier to remember. There will be an abundance of generic names available for you to choose from so think about terms that relate to your industry and the services as well as registering names that will help to protect your brands name.

Making the right choice when it comes to domain extensions is important because it can have certain implications further down the line. However, with a bit of effort they can work in favour of the brand and bring a lot of positives that can help to increase the success of your business.

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