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Ways To Prospect New Customers Through LinkedinMany people use LinkedIn’s publishing feature to promote their business and services, but there are very few people who are termed as LinkedIn influencers. There are some tips for optimizing the viewership of published work on LinkedIn.

Know the working of channels on LinkedIn

Channels are nothing but categories on Linkedin. Customer Experience channel is the most widely followed channel having more than 1 million followers. Featured articles on a channel attract maximum viewership on LinkedIn. For featuring your article on a LinkedIn channel, you must publish articles on different topics every other day of the week. This is because people at Linkedin manually select the channel under which your featured article would appear.

Research topics relevant to business

Linkedin users are professionals networking for their business in multinational companies. A keyword search revealed that the most popular articles on LinkedIn are the ones describing self-improvement strategies for corporate development. Industry specific articles on business, marketing, finance, research, and human resources are also well-received with maximum likes and shares.

Headlines and Images must be optimized

LinkedIn feature is a social media platform in which headlines and featured images play a crucial role in captivating the attention of readers. The image must exemplify the headline to attract the attention of LinkedIn users. People browsing through Linkedin would immediately hang onto a must-click image and headline.

Conclude with a Call to Action tab

Readers’ reaction is crucial in getting better viewership for published articles on LinkedIn. So, it is imperative to include a Call to Action (CTA) tab while concluding the article. The CTA tab incredibly increases the curiosity of readers when it leads to an equally interesting landing page.

Best Publishing Times

Viewership also depends on the timing of the post on LinkedIn. Most Linkedin posts get maximum viewership when they are published in the downtime of normal office hours, implying most people read Linkedin articles early morning (7 to 8 am), lunch time (1 to 2 pm), or early evening (4 to 5 pm) of a workday. Unlike Facebook, people do not really check LinkedIn on weekends.

Finally, Linkedin publishing is a very powerful to influence millions of users provided the aforementioned people use the aforementioned tips to enhance viewership. Get Plus Followers today for your social media accounts.

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