Utilizing Transactional Business Emails

Business Transactional EmailsYou may be a successful email marketer when it comes to your online business but there is also something you might be overlooking that could give you some extraordinary conversions.

This thing is your transactional emails, and if you have any customers or users at all, you’re already sending them regularly without taking advantage of the amazing opportunity they offer your marketing campaign.

Before we get down to explaining just why transactional emails are so powerful, let’s actually define what we’re talking about.

What are Transactional Emails?

Quite simply, transactional emails are all those one at a time messages you send to your users or customers as a response to interaction with your website, app or services. Transactional emails can be automated but they aren’t promotional by nature and they’re not mass mailed to a list of addresses.

Some common examples of transactional emails include: welcome emails, shipping and order confirmations, comment notifications, renewal notices and billing messages. You’re almost certainly already sending at least some of these to your users regularly.

Their transaction related nature is what gives such power to transactional messages. In a world where 191 billion emails get sent daily and the average amount of inbox clutter reaches as many as 47 messages per day, transactional messages, due to their direct relevance to your users, have a tendency to stick out from the heap and get opened.

Just How Powerful are Transactional Messages?

To make you understand just how powerful at getting attention transactional emails can be, let’s cover some of the analytics metrics gathered on them by the email management company Easy SMTP –You can also check out their rather compelling infographic here.

Most average performing promotional email campaigns of the usual sort typically get open rates of just 15% and unique click rates of a measly 3%. These numbers can vary but they represent a common average. On the other hand, transactional emails sent to the same recipients from a company are often opened at a rate of more than 100% (due to multiple openings by the same user) and get unique clicks on their internal links at a rate of 17% or more!

These are remarkable numbers, and if you leverage them to your advantage by turning your transactional messages into marketing vehicles, you can really boost your marketing campaign and financial bottom line. Let’s cover some highly effective tactics now, and look at their metrics as tested by Easy SMTP.

Turning Transactional Clicks into Conversions

With the power your transactional emails have to make your viewers notice you even more, it’s only natural that you should take advantage of them for maximal benefit and increased bottom lines. There is a tested and highly effective way to do this; simply take the following steps and keep applying them as you experiment with their details:

  • Serialize your Transactional Messages: Instead of simply sending out a single welcome email or just one order confirmation, find clever ways of breaking them down into two or more messages that both contain useful transaction related content. This way you take the greatest possible advantage of your email messages attention grabbing power. Furthermore, serializing messages has been shown to boost revenue by as much as 13%
  • Say “Thank You”: By simply including a clearly visible and well written thank you notice in your shipping and order confirmations (as well as other messages) you can increase clicks by 35% or more! Everybody loves a polite message.
  • Personalize your Messages and Us them to cross sell: Personalizing emails to the name and previous browsing/buying history of each recipient can effectively increase unique clicks by 41%. If you go even further with this and include cross sell offers based on your recipients previous purchases or interest areas, you can also boost sales revenue by 20%..
  • Be Social: Adding social media share buttons to all of your transactional emails and making them clearly visible can increase unique clicks by 55%. Furthermore, it will also help you spread your brand name through word of mouth. We’ve discussed this in more detail before.
  • Finally, Experiment with the Team: Get your marketing team involved and have them A/B test wherever possible. Use multiple email templates that you’ve customized for audience type and track the metrics for all of them to see which ones perform best.

A Final Word on SPAM

The U.S CAN SPAM Act is very specific on what a transactional email can and cannot include. Thus, if you want to avoid having your interaction related transaction messages labeled as spam and accordingly suffering the consequences, make sure that they remain fundamentally transaction related in nature. Most importantly, ensure that they still contain their intended transactional message and that their subject heading is related to your users’ original queries.

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