How to Build a Next-Gen Marketing Team for Your Organization? all-out marketing onslaught to beat the sense out of your brand competitors requires a superb marketing plan, and an extraordinary marketing team to implement the same. In this digital age, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that digital marketing has assumed equal or even greater importance than your traditional marketing channels and thus having a good balance is exceptionally vital for an organization’s success.  Here are the basics of hiring the best talent.

Organizations, no matter how small or big needs a good marketing team to get it going. A good product without good marketing has a hard time surviving in the cut-throat competition. According to Digital Marketing Agency Liverpool, for good marketing one has to have the right team. There are a lot of people out there who have their own views about hiring the best marketing people. According to some, experienced professionals with experience in digital are the best, while for other hiring executives, fresh graduates who have a will to learn do the job perfect. Some would like you to believe that a specialist for every role will be best while others suggest a team where individuals can don multiple hats

Here are some tips for hiring a next gen marketing team for your company:

Find candidates with strategy and vision

The first step to devising any successful marketing plan is to have a vision. Every recruiter wants to know where the prospective employee wants to take the brand. What is his idea about the ultimate achievement? Does the vision of the company align with that of the candidate’s? Next you need to ask the candidate about his strategic initiatives to achieve the vision.

If you want an employee who can succeed in the given position and proceed to higher levels of hierarchy, say become a marketing manager from an executive, you have to make sure that the individual is equipped with strategic capabilities. Individuals who bring in strategy know how to properly allocate resources to achieve maximum results. However make sure to find the balance between strategic marketers who plan for longer-range campaigns and tactile marketers who work on current one.

Hire candidates who are willing to learn

In the rapidly changing marketing landscape, one has to be constantly on his toes so as to not remain behind the evolving times. Especially, when we talk about digital marketing, where nothing is permanent, it becomes imperative to have employees who are dedicated to learning. The best marketers out there are called full-stack marketers who can boast of a working knowledge of everything that has to do with business marketing and are not just limited to search engine or social media marketing.

Find leaders who are ready for the next big challenge

When staffing your marketing team, it’s essential to hire capable candidates for a leadership positions such as VP Marketing or CDO (Chief Digital Officer) or Chief Content Marketer (CCM). It’s also a great idea to let them take a course to improve their management skills hugely, there is a wonderful course for team leadership and supervisor skills that I have been using and it’s helped me so much, so very happy to recommend that.

Hiring the wrong candidate at the top of the team can destroy your entire plan for the year and leave you stranded, nowhere to go. To make it easier and less risky proposition, state your expectations clearly while putting the word out for VP marketing jobs and similar positions.

Armed with these tips you can proceed to building a new age marketing team should consists of team individuals who focus on what the audience sees, inclusive of the graphical interface, visual design, content and the navigation. These roles include:

Content Strategists and Creators: Entirely responsible for content part of the site. It’s the responsibilities of these team members to ensure definitive answers to questions like:

  • Is the content addressed to right target audience?
  • Does the content facilitate a conversation?
  • Does it make sense to the company’s vision?
  • Does it make sense to the search engines?
  • Is the content publishing at the right intervals?

Search Engine Marketers: These are responsible for making sure the website, and the content ranks high on the search engine results page for the targeted keywords. Amongst search engine marketers there are various specializations, such as search engine optimizer, social media manager, the PPC specialist and the Email marketer.  It depends on your hiring strategy either you hire a candidate who is expert in one area or has an experience in all the areas of search engine marketing.

Graphic Designers: Visual appeal always had an important role to play in the success of any marketing initiative. In the digital age, the onus lies on graphic designers to make the stuff like content, mailers, landing page make look pretty and interactive. The graphic designer facilitates a smooth entry, a longer stay and a swift checkout on the website.

Coders and Testers: Someone has to take care of the bugs, built new landing pages, check the necessary A/B split-testing code. The Front-End coder also forms an integral part of the next-gen marketing team.

In addition to these cogs of the wheel, you need a leader who can make sure the train stays on the track. A person who knows how to motivate the troop and keep them marching forward in the right direction. Such a role can have different position, inclusive of Chief Digital Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and others.

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