Why Should You Take An Offline Class In SEO, Google Adwords And Social Media?

Internet Marketing TrainingI bet you took a course in SEO, to learn Google Adwords or Social Media Marketing training already, either for free or for a fee.

And I bet that course was held entirely online. Nothing wrong with that — the web provides great tools to build a successful and valuable course, so you did well to enroll and work through the syllabus.

BUT — while online marketing courses may be good and valuable, they still miss 4 important factors—

  • They don’t give you a tangible sense of the classroom, so you feel alone most of the time
  • You have no chance to discuss directly with a group of people and just brainstorm ideas on the go as you talk
  • You have to wait to get instructor’s feedback and can’t just raise your hand and ask a question
  • You miss the chance to work in group, face to face, on a problem on a short time gap

Sure, teleconference tools like Skype and Google Hangouts help nowadays, but you’ll still be sitting in your room alone and your body won’t be able to ‘perceive’ the community, the value of human interactions behind the learning experience.

Yes, perceptions are important and help ‘catch’ the soul of SEO needs, issues and solutions long before the brain converts them into words.

How Offline SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media Training Classes Benefits You

You Can Talk Face-To-Face With Trained Experts

It’s hard to get in touch with SEO, Adwords and Social Media experts online. Why? Well, because they’re busy folks. It’s tough for them to make time for every ‘pupil’, so they only organize limited webinars and hangouts when they can.

Offline classes, on the other hand, allow trained experts to dedicate more time and individual attention to every student. You can have real conversations and debates about the latest Google updates, Adwords best practices and Social Media news.

You Feel The Sense Of Community In The Classroom

Unlike in an online class, being with other students in the same classroom help you develop a sense of community that will accompany you throughout the course and help you work together on projects.

The sense of community is also beneficial to the professional relationships that will spark from the time spent together. It’s great networking!

You Get Personalized Training

In a regular classroom, the instructor will follow your progress step by step, tutor you if you need help to master concepts and give you feedback on the go, as soon as you need it.

This is much better than in an online class, where the instructor can’t attend to the needs of thousands of students. In-person training helps you walk away with solid knowledge because you get the instructor’s time and attention as a bonus.

Just Raise Your Hand And Ask!

You know how it works in online classes — you post a question and have to wait in line before you get a reply from the instructor or a TA.

In an offline class, just raise your hand and ask!

This is beneficial to your traineeship, because any doubt in SEO and Social Media planning — and especially with Adwords, where big money is involved — could kill your campaign in the blink of an eye.

So— just ask!

Group Work On SEO, Adwords And Social Media Problems

Curious people gather to solve problems, and curiosity is definitely an SEO thing. Learning Google Adwords and Social Media also ask you to share insight and experiments, because the world of online marketing fields is ever changing.

An offline training class offers you great opportunities to share your know-how and work together to solve problems.

Wondering why offline conferences like the Seach Marketing Expo exist?

You Will Enjoy The Environment And Feel More Active

A constructive and challenging classroom climate and environment can help your brain focuson the material hand and learn faster.

While studying online can get you easily distracted, a classroom provides the ambient and atmosphere for ideas to spark and grow as you share them with other students and the instructor.

You Connect Face-To-Face With Fellow Professionals

It’s an offline training class, so you’ll definitely be making friends. Professional networking is more effective in person because it’s easier to build trust — you’re in front of your fellow students, you speak your knowledge and share your ideas in front of them. There’s no need to explain — they can see and hear!

And uhm… you can alway swap business cards, right? ;)


SEO, Google Adwords and Social Media require hands on work.

This is much easier to learn when you work in groups and have socialized a bit in person with instructors and the other students.

Enjoy the classes and make the most out of each! ;)

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