Promote Events Using Social Media Marketing

Promote Events Using Social Media MarketingSocial media events serve as great tools for connecting with consumers and boosting sales. In this article, we provide you an insight on how social media events can influence the choices of consumers and help you in building brands.

Create Google+ Hangouts for your Target Consumers

Google+ hangouts are presently used by different online businesses in knowing the needs of consumers across the globe. Google+ hangouts can help you connect with customers all over the world. You may arrange Google+ hangouts and invite customers who regularly use your products and services. In this way, you can interact with your present consumers and identify greater markets for expanding your business.

To create Google+ Hangouts for knowing the feedback of customers, you have to create a signup poll or an interface through which you can collect the contact information of customers who are interested in participating and providing feedback of your services. Set the time and dates of the Google+ hangout and request the consumers to participate. You may also ask them if they would be available for discussion at that particular date and time.

As Google+ Hangouts permit only 10 participants to interact and voice their opinion, you need to ensure that you create Hangouts for a small number of consumers. However, you can have numerous customers view a particular Google+ Hangout from their devices.

When you receive responses from your consumers, you may invite appropriate consumers for every online session. Then, you may create events accordingly and hand-out invitation to guests so that they join the particular event. You may also send a reminder to these guests so that no one skips these events. You may also use Google+ Hangouts to create product webinars for marketing and promotions.

Create Virtual Events on Facebook for launching Products

Facebook is an excellent tool for creating launches new products and services. You can create events on Facebook and network with people on your Facebook community. Facebook provides extensive filters to users and your newsfeed may not actually reach consumers who have liked your Facebook Business Page.

While creating your virtual launch, you may make use of Facebook Events as it prevents you from skipping the filters. To create an event on Facebook, you need not actually host any live event. For example, many small business enterprises may create an event for the launch of their store or factory, but these events may not be accompanied with any live show. When you launch a Facebook event and request people to join the same, you may send bulk messages to these masses.

In conclusion, social media events can literally help you create a large network of consumers all across the world. You can also find people who can provide you with constructive criticism and feedback, which may then be used to generate more leads for business.

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