Increase Search Engine Rankings with Google+

Social Media Marketing Google PlusGoogle+ has revolutionized search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Most SEO optimizers may be unaware about the efficacy of Google+ page post link, which is named DoFollow link. This means the link juice is passed onto the website you share through Google+.

DoFollow links form the fundamental platform of SEO as they are constructively used when you make use of other tools, namely, PageRank and TrustRank. They also link contextual content to determine the efficacy of your content. This judged by the ranking of specific keywords.

Optimizing your Google+ Page

You need to include the following tweaks for optimizing your Google+ business page and personal profile. This forms the crux of successful SEO strategies.

SEO Title

Though we realize the importance of keywords in SEO, it is important to note that you do not include any keyword in the SEO title. The SEO title christens your business page on Google+. When you stuff keywords in the SEO title, it creates unnecessary awkwardness.

Custom Page URL

One of the features recently included into the Google+ profile is the Custom URL feature. Thus, companies can readily make use of these simple links for the purpose of marketing. Thus, the customized URL would be represented as follows:

SEO Meta Description

To create SEO meta description for your Google+ business page, you need to combine tagline with the first two sentences describing introduction. You can only include 160 characters in this case, so you make wise choices.

Google+ Authorship

Authorship is the defining feature of Google+. With the help of Authorship tag, you can readily create every kind of content and allow Google to tag you as the author of that content. According to online marketing experts, the information that is associated with verified profiles would have higher rankings than the content that is not associated with any verified online profile. Note that, you need to “claim” Google+ authorship for the content that you create.

Finally, you can track every kind of content that you share through Google+. For this purpose, you can make use of Google Analytics. Every article that is shared through Google+ must be first attached to a custom URL of Google+. Then, review the success of this content through statistical data that is generated through Google Analytics.

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