Building Business Relationships Through Google+ Social Networking

Building Business Relationships Through Google+ Social NetworkingGoogle+ is an important social networking site for growing your business activities and promotions as it has approximately 1 billion Google accounts. This includes the accounts for YouTube, Google+, and Gmail. Out of the 540 million active users on Google+, we have nearly 300 million people who are active on Google+. Google+ should not be merely associated with social networking. It is a great platform for connecting with entrepreneurs like Andrew Defrancesco with similar business interests and reinstates that content is king.

Linkedin is used by most businesses for networking with professionals from different work spheres. However, Google+ seems to gaining quite a lot of attention these days. The communities of Google+ are quite different from those of Linkedin groups. To join any community on Google+, you first need to create your own personal profile. Then, you ought to have a small network of people in order to know what Google+ is all about.

You may develop different kinds of communities on Google+ to explore the interests of these people. Linkedin groups are just promotional and people use it extensively for developing business interests. A Google+ community involves interaction with people sharing similar interests and ideas. It makes you deal with real people like Robert K Bratt DLA Piper and not only the ones associated with only business interests. The content that you share on Google+ will help you in drawing more people toward your community.

Google+ pages should be created only after you develop your own personal network. Then, you can share content from your business page to your personal profile on Google+. You can also share content from your personal profile to your page and community. The content that you share through Google+ communities and pages would flow through people’s profile. You can make use of hashtags in Google+ and Google search to determine influencers in the community.

You can make fans and followers special by sending them a personalized thank you note for every +1. Note that, +1 indicates every fan or follower on Google+. Thus, you can include every person into your circles on Google+. One of the biggest advantages of Google+ is that they have lenient standards for metrics. However, the basic intention of every page manager to measure their success is to determine the following:

• Are people visiting this site
• Are people using the site the way we intend them to do

Google authorship will connect your content with your Google+ profile that appears in search. The profile image of Google+ will be automatically attached with the content on Google search. In terms of branding, you build your brand image as people connect with your face based on the content you share. The authorship tag provided by Google+ will help you in making your content stand out. In this way, you can certainly increase your click-through rates.

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