Using Twitter Advertising For Promoting Sales

Using Twitter Advertising For Promoting SalesThough advertising on Twitter is not as well-defined as that on Facebook and LinkedIn, you can surely create an extensive Twitter campaign for promoting and marketing your business.

You can promote message (tweet) by using Twitter advertising. For example, you type a particular keyword on Twitter, and you will see all kinds of promoted tweets in the search results.
For promoting tweets, sign into the Twitter advertising section making use of username and password. When you sign into Twitter for the first time, you need to select your current location (country) and time zone.

However, Twitter advertising is currently available only in few countries, that is, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland. After using Twitter advertising for the first time, you may click the New Campaign button for launching the next advertising campaign.

Now, you select the tab of New Promoted Tweets Campaign. Here, you need to fill up the questionnaire associated with your branding campaign. Select keywords that are always searched and tweeted about. In this way, you can direct your promoted tweets toward your target audience.

You will be provided with three options for targeting your ads: keywords, television, and interests. Here, you need to select the keyword ad targeting option. This is because your tweets appear in search results when twitter users search for a particular keyword. When you make use of other ad targeting options, the ads just appear on the timeline of Twitter users.

Within the United States, twitter ads can be targeted toward people belonging to a particular city. Twitter has also made it possible for you to target ads based on user devices and gender. Thus, Twitter advertising is quite enhanced in providing specialized targeting of ads.

When you have chosen the targeting set on Twitter, then you can either select your promotional tweets manually or permit Twitter to select the most engaging tweets. When you are launching a new product in the market, you can make use of “Promote a New Tweet option” to provided a customized tweet associated with your product.

Now, you need to create a total budget for your twitter advertising campaign. You can certainly select the maximum and minimum limits of the bids for every advertising campaign. You stand the chance of losing out when there are people who place higher bids on the given targeting options.

When you use Twitter advertising for the first time, you need to select the method of payment. Then, you can save your advertising campaign on Twitter, which has to go live once it is approved by the advertising team of Twitter.

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