Using Social Search as Part of Your Social Networking Strategy

Social Search Engine OptimizationSocial media sites are growing at a rapid pace. As a greater number of people log into sites like Facebook and Twitter, their importance to business owners and marketers increases. Social media should be a major part of any business’ marketing plan, but many people still overemphasize traditional SEO. Although many companies are switching their focus to social platforms, a significant number are missing the value of optimizing their brands for social search.

What is Social Search?

Social search is a common term that is becoming increasingly popular among marketers and business owners. Oftentimes it is used to talk about two different types of social searching. They’re both important to your social networking strategy, and it’s vital you understand the two separate concepts:

  • Searching Social Media – The first type of social searching is done by tracking social media activity. Popular options to search activity on social media sites are Sysomos and Social Mention. These services browse through the most used sites like Facebook and Twitter to find mention of a specific keyword or search term. They’re often sorted by listing the most recent occurrence first. This is useful for tracking trends and new activity.
  • Socially-Influenced Search Engines – Socially-influenced search engines return social media pages just like Google or Yahoo would. Instead of their results being sorted by an algorithm, however, they use their collective power of their users’ logic to sort results. After visiting a website, members of search engines like SocialSu can rate their experience, helping refine future searches. Ranking well on these sites is about having highly informative pages that are easy for users to navigate. They’re perfect for integrating your content marketing campaigns with your social presence.

Being Found is Important

The most important thing on social media is to have your profiles and web presence found. To optimize for social search, make sure to include common synonyms within your profile and posts. Be careful not to overdo it – no one likes a write-up that is keyword stuffed and comes across as spam.

As important as having the right semantic keywords are, it’s even more important to have detailed and informative content on your profile pages. Smart social search engines rank more complete and user-appealing pages higher. Include as much information as possible about your business and the products and services you offer.

Tracking New Marketing Options

In addition to getting you company found, focusing on social search can have other benefits to your marketing campaign. Search sites that scan social media platforms are the perfect way to track trends, in real time, that may be of use to your business. You can see what other users are doing online and customize your efforts based on what’s happening right then. You can also see a search phrase’s popularity over time and see any long-term or seasonal trends among users.

Take Advantage of Relevant Hashtags

On sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, hashtags are being used every second. They’re a great way to link related posts and images, and even better for exposing consumers to your brand. Many users will search social sites by popular hashtags. By using these in your posts and online content, you’re able to reach users that you have no other connection to. Growing companies can also promote their own hashtag for further develop their brands

There’s little doubt that social search will continue to become more important in the future. As a greater number of websites and search engines are putting emphasis on how consumers interact with your business, you should focus more on social optimization. Including social search into your social networking strategy can mean having a steadily increasing stream of new visitors in the future.

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