How Instagram Can Be Used For Marketing Research

Instagram Marketing ResearchAccording to this research study, Instagram has captivated the attention of quite a few social media users. Compared with Facebook, Instagram has attracted much more attention from users. Nearly 57% of Instagram users would use this app every day. The research study has also reported that approximately 35% of users make use of Instagram multiple times in a day. On the other hand, only 22% of social media users check out Facebook multiple times in a day. This illustrates that Instagram has attracted loyalty of consumers to a much greater extent.

People making use of Instagram also interact with brands that are not officially present on Instagram. For example, Chanel is a leading brand that has not yet made an official presence on Instagram. However, there are nearly 2.7 million images that have been labelled with hashtag #Chanel.

While marketing and promoting your brands through Instagram, you need to create a stock of pictures that can capture the attention of consumers. The images must be such that they foster a great relationship with a particular brand. This would attract numerous fans and customers to these images and help you in building a strong, loyal community of consumers.

To develop your marketing strategies for Instagram, you must first make use of Instagram as a user. So, you should first create a personal account to know the level of engagement of other users on Instagram. This would also help you in understanding what kind of activities and promotions would draw the attention of users for your brand on Instagram.

Now, you need to wisely select photos that would exhibit the “feel and lifestyle” of your brand. You may even think of launching a photo campaign to induce your audience into sharing photos that are associated with your brand. These photos could be displayed either on your company website or Facebook page.

Photos are identified through hashtags on Instagram. Therefore, the taglines associated with hashtags need to be very relevant to one’s brand. Short and crisp taglines would enhance the creativity of hashtag. One of the most blissful ways of attracting consumers is through captions that are humorous. These witty and humorous captions should be crafted in context of these photos. Once this is created, you may link photos with the products displayed on pages. In this way, you can tempt consumers to make direct purchases from your online store. You may also ask provide discounts and promotional offers to entice people on Instagram.

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