Grow Sales Via Twitter Advertising

Grow Sales Via Twitter AdvertisingTwitter is a thinking man’s medium and it is not just sufficient to launch Twitter advertising campaigns. In this article, we speak about how successful Twitter advertising campaigns

Select a precise target audience.

In order to successfully track a Twitter advertising campaign, you have to precisely target your audience through ad campaigns. For every promoted tweet, you have to presently shell out 1.50 $. On the other hand, you need to pay 3$ for every follower on Twitter. So, you need to correctly identify your target audience.

Make use of tracking tools to measure the conversion rate

While creating promoted tweets for your advertising campaign, you would have to incorporate tags with your target URL in each of your tweets. Then, you may make use of different UTM parameters to know the visitors clicking specific links in Google Analytics. One of the easiest ways of identifying your UTM parameter is through Google Analytics URL Builder. Here, you get to collect data for various advertising campaigns.

For this purpose, you need to click the tab of Campaigns under Acquisitions. You may also set up Conversion tracking tool present under the dashboard of Twitter advertising. In order to set up this tool, you have to click on Conversion Tracking link present in the menu bar of Twitter advertising dashboard.

Increase followers through promoted accounts

After launching your Twitter advertising campaign, you can easily grow your followers by making use of promoted accounts. Did you notice the “Who to Follow box” present on the left-hand sidebar of Twitter? In this section, you get to see a long list of “promoted accounts.” Promoted accounts are the most effective ways of growing your followers on Twitter. Higher the number of followers on Twitter, greater would be the success of your advertising campaign.

One of the most recommended ways of attracting followers on Twitter is by making use of specific tweet to target your followers. This tweet would be displayed on mobile devices along with the suggestion of following your promoted account. The tweet should be representative of your advertising campaign on Twitter. This would attract the right kind of followers on Twitter.

Increase Leads with Lead Generation Cards

Lead generation cards are the best tools for launching Twitter advertising campaigns. Lead generation cards are tweets which are used to collect the names and emails of people who could serve as leads for growing your business. The leads gathered constitute the mailing list subscribers whom you can target easily through Twitter.

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