Do Not Overlook Smartphone Users in Your Marketing Strategy

Do Not Overlook Smartphone Users in Your Marketing StrategyMost social media networking sites are currently accessed by mobile phones, thanks to the sharp rise in the sale of smartphones. With the sharp increase in the use of smartphones, social media marketing strategies have also evolved radically.

Facebook Mobile Growth

Facebook is usually accessed through mobile phones as the average traffic grew by about 253% in the period extending from 2012 to 2013. According to research data, approximately 874 million users made use of Facebook mobile app, thereby witnessing a sharp rise of 45%. This could be attributed to the sharp rise in the use of smartphones during the same period. Approximately 53% of Americans make use of smartphones. So, all Facebook Marketing strategies should be geared toward mobile advertising.

Mobile Geo-Targeting

Mobile marketing has undergone tremendous transformation through geo-targeting. Thanks to geo-targeting through mobile phones, you can exactly identify the whereabouts of consumers and deliver them relevant ads. Geo-targeted ads earn maximum revenues, and e-marketers have exploited this fact by providing digital coupons to millions of Americans. Coupons are usually redeemed through Foursquare and Facebook Places.

Snapchat and Instagram

Snapchat and Instagram have become the most favored sites for sharing photos with approximately 350 million photos being shared every day. Nearly 9% of people with smartphones make use of Snapchat whereas Instagram is used by approximately 18% of cell phone users. Both these photo-sharing sites are growing at an exponential rate and e-marketers should make use of these to the fullest. In general, most restaurants, hotels, and eateries can make use of this feature to attract new consumers.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has become integral part of online marketing. Vine, Instagram, and YouTube are the sites that have developed mobile apps for video marketing. In the year 2013, approximately 93% of marketers made use of videos for the purpose of marketing, sales, and communications. For the purpose of branding, make use of videos in order to introduce your goods to potential consumers. If they are eager to know more about the brand, the “solution overview” video should address their various challenges.

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