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How Instagram Can Be Used For Marketing Research

According to this research study, Instagram has captivated the attention of quite a few social media users. Compared with Facebook, Instagram has attracted much more attention from users. Nearly 57% of Instagram users would use this app every day. The research study has also reported that … [Read more...]

StumbleUpon Marketing, How to Drive More Traffic to Your Content

StumbleUpon is a unique site as it blends search engine with bookmarking. This is one of the best sites to increase the visibility of your content. This site recommends users websites and blogs based on their interests. In other words, you can actually your true audience through … [Read more...]

Grow Sales Via Twitter Advertising

Twitter is a thinking man’s medium and it is not just sufficient to launch Twitter advertising campaigns. In this article, we speak about how successful Twitter advertising campaigns Select a precise target audience. In order to successfully track a Twitter advertising campaign, you have to … [Read more...]

Important Tools For Successful Facebook Marketing

Facebook is practically used today by most business houses for driving sales and marketing. However, there are very few online businesses that could successful drive sales through Facebook Marketing. Some of the following tips could be used for effective Facebook marketing in the year … [Read more...]

Achieve Your 2014 Social Media Marketing Goals

Social media networks have drastically changed we communicate and connect with people for business. Although there may be plenty of social media platforms for networking and marketing, you may across marketers who have hit a dead end with their strategies for social media marketing. You may follow … [Read more...]

Do Not Overlook Smartphone Users in Your Marketing Strategy

Most social media networking sites are currently accessed by mobile phones, thanks to the sharp rise in the sale of smartphones. With the sharp increase in the use of smartphones, social media marketing strategies have also evolved radically. Facebook Mobile Growth Facebook is usually … [Read more...]

Free Online Content Plagiarism Checker Reviewed

There are many ways to detect if an article is original or just copied from somewhere else. With the ease of finding unique articles on the web it can be tempting to reuse one of these under your own name. This is a bad idea especially with the abundance of plagiarism checkers. Not only are there … [Read more...]

Significance of Using Social Media Badges With Web Design

Whenever the plan is related with leveraging the power associated with social media services and your site then you might need to take help of social media badges, related with the website designing category. In order to promote an online brand name and any particular product or service, you have to … [Read more...]

Using Twitter Advertising For Promoting Sales

Though advertising on Twitter is not as well-defined as that on Facebook and LinkedIn, you can surely create an extensive Twitter campaign for promoting and marketing your business. You can promote message (tweet) by using Twitter advertising. For example, you type a particular keyword on … [Read more...]

The Essential Magento eCommerce Toolkit

Magento eCommerce is one of the moist popular e-commerce platforms available, and while it is very popular with developers, it’s flexible enough for those who are just getting into e-commerce. That being said, it’s important you get the Essential Magento eCommerce Toolkit and use these resources and … [Read more...]