Using Snapchat To Market Towards Young People

Snapchat MarketingSnapchat is one of the most powerful tools for mobile marketing. Mobile has now replaced computers and tablets as most people make use of this device for carrying out their daily business processes. Snapchat is recommended to business houses that cater to teenagers and young people. So, most FMCG companies can make use of this tool for marketing their products to young consumers. Did you know that Snapchat is the most popular mobile app as approximately 400 million messages are shared through Snapchat on a daily basis.

Attract consumers through mobile coupons

Snapchat is the most popular application among youth. So, brands meant for young marketers can be easily promoted and advertised through Snapchat. Here, you may make use of offers and coupons to promote your products and gain sales within few seconds. Coupon snaps not only entice customers to make great purchases, they also provide incentives that can be used to attract more customers.
Consider a company that sells frozen yogurt through its chain of outlets in the city. Here, Snapchat can be used for sending skateboard bearings coupon codes to consumers based on the condition that they send numerous snaps of friends enjoying frozen yogurt at their outlets. Within one week, this yogurt chain had built a successful client base through thousands of images that it received from its young customers.

Attract New Followers through Giveaway

You can attract new consumers through giveaways as coupons merely help in retaining consumers. Giveaway incentive is a great tool in building a powerful follower base. Giveaways provided through Snapchat will help you immensely in building brands. Snapchat can also help you in tracking new subscribers with the help of simple hashtag. This would help you in building brands.

Attract Customers through Holiday Sales and Events

Snaps of holiday greetings form an indelible component in attracting new customers. Brands, products, and services can be easily promoted through snaps. However, you need not wait for major holidays for catalyse things. Consider the case of an online retail store selling clothes and accessories. They had sent snaps to consumers after Thanksgiving along with coupon codes of their online store. Snapchat boosted their sales by about 20% during this period. Thus, they could reach out to their consumers without spending excessively on advertising.

In conclusion, it is quite difficult to capture the attention of young audience belonging to the age group of 13-25 years. Snapchat is one of the most effective yet inexpensive tools that can be used to drive sales of products targeting this age group. Snapchat should be included in every mobile marketing strategy that is thought by your company.

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