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Boost Your Companies Social Media Presence

Few months back, an article in Forbes stated, businesses that were using social media have out performed their peers by successfully generating a sale of about 78.6%. Now, you may be thinking, why isn’t it affecting your sales figure, even though your are using SMO tool for a while? The answer is, … [Read more...]

Social Media Niche Marketing Techniques

Most companies find it hard to comprehend ideal audience through conventional social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Nevertheless, you can certainly find your target audience by making use of niche networking sites. One of the best ways of finding the most perfect niche … [Read more...]

New Google Analytics Tools For Growing Businesses

Google Analytics has come up with several new features which can be effectively used for promoting and growing your business. New Google Analytics Reports According to the new changes introduced in Google’s algorithm, you can no longer see the Traffic Sources and Content feature in your Google … [Read more...]

Using Snapchat To Market Towards Young People

Snapchat is one of the most powerful tools for mobile marketing. Mobile has now replaced computers and tablets as most people make use of this device for carrying out their daily business processes. Snapchat is recommended to business houses that cater to teenagers and young people. So, most FMCG … [Read more...]

Relationship Building as a Key to New Customer Acquisition

Social media platforms have transformed the way we conduct business and build relations. While branding and promoting your business on any social media platform, you have to realize that these connections form an invaluable and integral part of business development. Although great content on social … [Read more...]

Twitter Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business

Social media marketing has changed the way we conduct business today. Twitter is an online platform that is often used as a 24-hour news outlet. Twitter is often referred to as the thinking man’s social media.  Presently, Twitter has approximately 200 million active users.   Top tweets attract huge … [Read more...]

Grow Your Business With Podcasting

Podcasting can certainly help your online business to grow by leaps and bounds. When you upload podcasts on your website and blogs, you attract greater number of visitors that ultimately get translated into massive audiences. Quite a few people admit that they are more interested in connecting with … [Read more...]

Successful YouTube Video Marketing Techniques: Key Strategies

The content that is created for your YouTube videos should address the wants of the consumers on the Internet. YouTube can generate leads for your business provided you make use of these videos wisely. Trailer Video YouTube Trailer Video is used to feature a video at the top of any … [Read more...]