Ways To Prospect New Customers Through Linkedin

Ways To Prospect New Customers Through LinkedinA prospect is someone you need to identify, convince, and negotiate for selling your products and services. Depending on your products and services, prospect could either be in the form of an individual, business, company, or organization.  Before the proliferation of social media, prospecting of clients was carried out in the form of telemarketing calls.

Linkedin has drastically changed the way we conduct and perform business. Linkedin has certainly become a great platform for finding prospective customers. In order to discover the right kind of people that can serve as prospects, you need to make use of Advanced Search that is available on Linkedin.

You need to combine the Advanced Search tool with keywords, titles, company name, and location. Advanced Search is one of the greatest tools used for research on Linkedin.

Both prospecting and inbound sales can be carried out through Linkedin. Today it is easier to tap international and domestic markets through Linkedin. One of the best ways of prospecting clients through Linkedin is by creating a Linkedin group.

In this way, you can reach out to consumers all over the world. However, one must ensure that the content provided through Linkedin group is informational and not just promotional.

Once you identify your market correctly through Linkedin, you can join groups that are associated with the same. In this way, you can join approximately 50 groups with the purpose of sharing information and services.

While inviting people to join your network on Linkedin, you need to be precise and accurate in mentioning the purpose of connecting with them through Linkedin.

To increase your network on Linkedin, you can also make use of “Get Introduced” tab. With a free Linkedin account, you can get 5 introductions whereas you may get 15 introductions with a paid account on Linkedin.

 InMail is a specialized email service that is provided to people having Linkedin premium account. Linkedin also has a messaging service that helps you to connect with people present in your group.

One of the best ways of prospecting clients through Linkedin is by making conversational messages. You should avoid making sales pitches in any given Linkedin message. You can send any kind of free webinar or download to people you acquaint with on Linkedin. One of the most recommended ways of contacting prospects through Linkedin is by making use of InMail or message service.

Linkedin Contacts feature is one of the best tools that you can use for helping you in keeping track of all kinds of prospects on Linkedin. Linkedin App is also a pretty beneficial tool that can be used for prospecting clients. This mobile app is available to people on smartphones.

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