Archives for February 2014

Simple PhotoTools used for creating visuals on social media

The content on social media platforms cannot come alive without appropriate photo images. Do you find the use of Photoshop irksome? There are quite a few tools for creating appealing graphics on social media platforms. Some of the tools for creating visuals are as follows: PickMonkey’s Online Photo … [Read more...]

Spiders, Links and Bots: Everything You Need to Know About SEO

Search engine optimization, deconstructed, is better performance/exposure on search engines.  Think of search engines like librarians.  Librarians want to help people get information, impartial to whose brand of content serves a query.  In order for librarians to refer a piece of content, they must … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

Social media networking has undergone a plethora of changes since its inception in the early 2000s. The year 2014 will certainly witness several dramatic changes in the way we formulate social media strategies for marketing and promotions. Some of the important social media marketing trends are as … [Read more...]

7 Brands Making It Large Through Pinterest

 ‘A picture can say a thousand words’ – Check out the social analytics, you will find that it is your images and videos, which draws 94% more engagement than your texts. Visual social is the recent craze, and Pinterest is the biggest among the visual bandwagons. Pinterest rakes 2 ½ billion page … [Read more...]