7 Brands Making It Large Through Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing ‘A picture can say a thousand words’ –

Check out the social analytics, you will find that it is your images and videos, which draws 94% more engagement than your texts. Visual social is the recent craze, and Pinterest is the biggest among the visual bandwagons. Pinterest rakes 2 ½ billion page viewsevery month from their 70 million users.

Brands cannot afford to ignore Pinterest as users buy more items than they buy on Facebook and spend 70% more money when they arrive at your website directly from Pinterest. Lot of brands has started to use Pinterest and consider it as their potential social platform, which is able to engage huge traffic. Many brands have made Pinterest a part of their marketing and promotional strategy.

Here are the Top Commercial Brands that are using the Pinterest platform successfully since past few months.

Whole Foods

The consumer-packaged goods manufacturer of USA you can learn more at this website, UK and Canada has been using Pinterest successfully, and it is the visual appeal of the social platform, which musters huge customer engagement for the brand. At Pinterest, they have more than 170,000 followers. When a brand has a single focus, then they can keep their interest on their brand with creative board names like – “Who wants Dinner!” or “Cheese is the Bee’s Knees” or “How Does Your Garden Grow?” or the perfect blend for upcoming valentine with “In Love with Love.” Let the board followers know what does the brand wants to relate with a quick wit and in a funny manner.

Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart is a brand with a promising website, several engaging products and a number of magazines. Pinterest shows that Martha Stewart has 132 boards and more than 19,000 pins. They have reached more than half a million followers. Martha Stewart Living serves us with a number of pins that are visually interesting. So serve your followers with visually engaging posts.

Real Simple

Time’s Real Simple magazine is yet another natural match for the Pinterest users. They have a little less than 400,000 followers and are mainly successful because it has taken what the brand means to their readers. Real Simple is making lives easier, and the pins reflect it in the right manner. Some fascinating boards like the “Easy Hairstyles & Accessories” or “Cooking Tips and Tricks” or “Doable Fitness Tips & Ideas,” or “Valentine’s Day Ideas”. With boards like this, Real Simple Pinterest profile makes the self-improvement approachable.


Sephora is the beauty retail giant who has grown largely with Pinterest and has acquired more than 250,000 followers. Simply adding the Pinterest button to their e-commerce page they made sharing extremely easy. So add the Pin button now.

Everyday Health

Everyday Health is one of the major brands that rule across Pinterest and have 3.8 million followers. A major flaw in their Pinterest profile is that they have not listed the website on their Pinterest profile. This might cost the brand a large amount of traffic to your website. Well Everyday Health has something exceptional. Complete the bio section and verify the brand website.


Jetsetter have more than 4.6 million followers and has a fair amount of pins on every board. They share attractive travel deals at healthy cost. When you start a board, make sure to incorporate 20 to 30 pins so that the board does not look bare. Boards with less than five pins make the profile look unfinished.

Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar Fitness is one of the sub-brands that are getting immense popularity more than their original profile. Their host Fitsugat.com does not have as many followers as this sub-brand page. The type of engagement proves that sometime sub-profiles can help to segment your content in a better way and make your profile successful. Many brands and news sites have separate profiles for every country and department for their brands, and trust me it works. So start making segment add more traffic to your websites.

For some brands, Pinterest is a huge online marketing opportunity and sharing platform. In order to make the most with picture sharing platform, start using Pinterest now!

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