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Facebook Apps For Improving Marketing

Quite a few industries are using Facebook for prospecting clients and meeting their goals. Facebook has now come up with innovative Facebook Apps for helping business leaders in improving their marketing strategies. Most industry leaders have Facebook page for prospecting clients and improving their … [Read more...]

Better Business Websites: Ways to Use the Magic of Multimedia

If you're not making videos for your business yet, you're probably leaving a lot of money on the table. Multimedia is hot right now. Actually, it's been hot for a while, and it's not going away. Why not? Because, Internet connections are getting faster not slower - that means more people are … [Read more...]

Why You Need A Responsive Business Website

A blog or website needs to be properly formatted before it appears on any particular device, namely, computer, tablet, and mobile device. With the help of Salt Lake City web designers, the formatting is undertaken automatically. So, responsive design ensures that sites are correctly formatted for … [Read more...]

Website Usability: Virtual Elephants of the Internet Room

Imagine a reputable tool provider creating a complete, all-in-one handheld device for carpenters and DIY specialists alike.  However, imagine, upon placing it in one’s hand, immediate confusion sets in.  The maze of intricate parts intimidates the user, ultimately rendering the device literally … [Read more...]

Republic of the Congo Social Media Progress

Even in its relatively short history, social media has had a significant impact on society. On a larger scale, social media was instrumental in uniting Egyptian citizens during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Many social justice movements all over the world have flourished in this era of social … [Read more...]

Go Local: Ways to Tap into Local Power for Your Blog or Site

Chances are high that most of the Internet users searching for your site are searching for it locally. As local grows more important to search engine results and social activity, your options to utilize local interest to win more sales or blog viewers also increase. If you've been focusing on a more … [Read more...]

5 Content Marketing Trends for 2014

For any business with an online presence, content marketing is an irreplaceable tool for the marketing plan. Long-term success for these companies will rely even more heavily on content marketing in 2014. With upwards of 70 percent of companies planning to increase their content marketing budget, … [Read more...]

Realistic KPIs: The Site Results to Shoot For

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators often act as a constant source of worry for SEO experts. A lot of pressure gets placed on SEO to improve KPIs and meet KPI goals. Of course, KPIs are influenced by a vast number of factors. But if you are confronted with pressure to meet or choose certain … [Read more...]

3 Types of Must Have Small Business Software

Software. You may not know much about it, but your company thrives on it. In fact, most small businesses can't survive without it and most need netsuite support to operate. For example, if you are a pest control and lawn care company looking to maximize profits, you might want to consider visiting … [Read more...]

Ways To Prospect New Customers Through Linkedin

A prospect is someone you need to identify, convince, and negotiate for selling your products and services. Depending on your products and services, prospect could either be in the form of an individual, business, company, or organization.  Before the proliferation of social media, prospecting of … [Read more...]