Top Golden Do’s and Don’ts Things You Should Embody into Guest Blogging

The guest blogging industry is gaining growth and significance in the online community of search engine optimization gurus. There is no doubt that guest blogging provides for an effective way of boosting one’s link building activities that remain to be an important element in SEO strategy. How you can use guest blogging to your internet marketing advantage relies on how you are able to do it right by observing these do’s and don’ts that can define your guest blogging success.

Do’s in Guest Blogging

There are killer ways on how you can make your guest blogging activity to work to your advantage by observing these practices:

  1. Do take the time to review the guest blogging site’s terms and condition. This will help reduce the risk of your guest post to be rejected firsthand. Majority of these sites impose strict guidelines for submissions to be accepted. It is your concern to make sure that you guest blog meets their requirement before submission of your guest post.
  2. Do build your brand image. The quality of your content can give your target readers a good impression. Focus your content on something that your readers will find reputable and in authority about a particular subject that is related to your brand. This will give them a good sign that you have the expertise on your business that they can rely on.
  3. Do focus your efforts on link earning. Search rank tracker usually reveals that high quality links are earned and not usually built for SEO. You can earn organic links to your guest blog if you are able to deliver high quality guest posts that will produce better rank tracker results.
  4. Do promote your guest blog. Your guest blog will gain better exposure online when you are able to promote it in various channels like the social media. Try to tweet or encourage people to share your guest posts in order to maximize its exposure to the online community.

Don’ts in Guest Blogging

By simply avoiding these bad practices in guest blogging, it will help you obtain better results when submitting your guest posts.

  1. Don’t complain to the editor for your rejected guest post. You can derive better results out from your rejected article by asking the editor on how you can improve your post for better chance of acceptance instead of complaining.
  2. Don’t ignore the comments of the guest blog site editor. Each site has its own standards of terms and conditions. Ignoring the site editor’s comments will make you risk the chance of getting your article accepted because you were simply refusing to follow their content requirement.
  3. Don’t beat the deadline period. If you want to write an impressive content for your guest blog, it is best not to write at the last minute. You run the risk of becoming time pressured and end up writing poor quality content.
  4. Don’t write poor content. Poorly written content always gets rejected as a guest post so make sure that you are able to write a well research and information rich content to impress the guest blog site editors and your readers as well.
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