Tips for Growing your Linkedin Connections

Tips for Growing your Linkedin ConnectionsFacebook, Linkedin, and Twitter form the core sites of social media marketing. Facebook and Twitter are used for both professional and personal uses. However, Linkedin is purely used for the purpose of business networking. You need some important etiquette tips for building relations with people on Linkedin.

Consider Linkedin as a professional networking site. While building relations on Linkedin, consider how you would be presenting yourself at an event. One of the most suited ways of connecting with people on Linkedin is by acknowledging how you would interact with those people at any given live event.

  • Exhibit your business side to people

Your profile photo makes all the difference in making an impression.  When you are on a professional networking site like Linkedin, you need to have a profile image that exhibits your professionalism and business side.

  • Avoid Keyword-Stuffing

When you are requesting people to connect with you on Linkedin, they would be looking at your profile. Therefore, you need to create a profile that is not stuffed with meaningless keywords. Excessive keywords give an indication of a spam profile. To increase the visibility of your profile, you need to add relevant keywords. However, avoid keyword-stuffing at any cost. We recommend that you use only three to four keywords that are relevant to your profile.

  • Personalise Linkedin Connection Request

Avoid sending linkedin connection request through the default mode. Some people may consider you as a fake profile and may not connect with you. While sending any invitation to people on Linkedin, it is advisable that you make a personalized request. Send them a small note as to why you wish to connect with them on Linkedin.

  • Request Endorsements

Linkedin endorsement forms an excellent tool in exhibiting your skills and knowledge. Note that, Linkedin endorsements must never be considered as a trade-off. This implies that you do not endorse people just because they have endorsed you.

  • Request for recommendations

Recommendations form an excellent way in exhibiting your skills and knowledge. Recommendations must always be sought from people with great professionalism. When you accept recommendation from people with poor reputation, your Linkedin profile will be at stake.

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