Social Media Analytics Can Improve Social Media Marketing Productivity

Social Media Analytics Can Improve Social Media Marketing ProductivitySocial media has changed the way we promote services and conduct business today. However, one of the best ways of finding out the efficacy of social media marketing is by knowing when the social media followers are most active. This would help you in understanding the kind of people that find your website most appealing and engaging. For the purpose of executing successful social media marketing, you need to track how the data associated with your social media can help in improving your business.

With the help of social media, you can certainly understand the way to share information. You would also get to know the right kind of content which drives the maximum traffic to any website.

Determine the best times for posting updates on Twitter and Facebook


Twitter moves at a very rapid speed, so you would find that the tweets become redundant easily. To increase the visibility of your tweets, you need to know the time when your followers are online.

One of the easiest tools for detecting the recent tweets of most followers is through Tweriod. Tweroid would show comprehensive data coupled with analytics. This would help you judge when your followers are most active on Twitter. Thus, you can gauge the best time to tweet and attract the attention of your followers.

Besides this, Tweroid would also help you in reviewing the most active days of your community. Tweroid also helps you in synchronizing the data associated with Buffer account. If you have about 1000 followers on Twitter, you can use this tool free of cost.


 To improve the visibility and lifespan of your posts, you need to know the best time for adding your newsfeed. Facebook insights is an effective tool for finding out the time when your fans are quite active on Facebook. For the purpose of sharing the best updates on your Facebook page, all you need to do is access the interface of Facebook Insights. Here, you can click on the posts tab and get to know “When Your Fans are Online.”

Facebook Page also has an easy-to-read graph and this would help you in gauging the diversity of your fans. This would also help you in knowing the number of fans accessing your post at any given hour.

Determine the Click-through Rate

Click through rate (CTR) is one of the primary metric tools used for measuring the success of your social media marketing. Most active social media users would be sharing quite a lot of content on blogs, websites, Youtube channel and other platforms. To determine the CTR, all you need to do is make use of a url shortener tool for the purpose of tracking clicks. Bitly is one of the most widely used tools for shortening URL. This is a helpful tool for creating shortened links. Now, you can share these links and determine the CTR of your links.

Now you may click on the library at any point of time for the purpose of getting comprehensive information on CTR. On the dashboard of Bitly stats, one can get access to aggregated and individual statistics. The aggregated statistics would show an exhaustive activity of your link on a global scale. On the other hand, individual statistics shows how CTR of your link is affected by the number of shares.

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