How to use Facebook for Marketing and Improving your Business

facebook business marketing 2014Facebook has revolutionized the way we connect and conduct business. Social media attracts greater visibility to your client list and therefore we strongly recommend you to create a Facebook business page. A Facebook business page can be extremely vital in advertising and marketing of physical or online products. Facebook community can be built in order to generate engagement with people all over the world. This can help you promote your services to audience all over the world. Learn how Andrew Defrancesco and other CEOs have managed to use social media to their advantage.

Installing the Like tab on your website

The easiest way to promote your page is by installing a “Like” tab of Facebook on your company website. When consumers click the Like tab button of Facebook, they tend to be on your website. You can attract numerous fans with the installation of Like button.

Making use of Facebook Graph Search

One of the easiest ways to attract numerous people to your Facebook business page is through Facebook Graph Search. Graph Search is one of the latest tools of Facebook that has been instrumental in identifying the right kind of clients through search terms.

Create Great Content on your Facebook Page

While introducing new products and services, these fans on your Facebook business page will be finally converted into leads. Facebook page can actually help you in increasing your email list and fan base. To attract numerous people on Facebook page, you need to create great content that engages the attention of your Facebook community. However, one should never discuss openly about business, product, and services.

Create innovative posts and updates

The kind of posts and updates that you make on Facebook page need to be concise and precise. In general, it has been found that most posts with 80 characters or less will engage customers by about 27%.  One of the greatest pillars of Facebook marketing is great content. Images do not really create any significant impact on the reach of content to different audiences.

Hold Facebook Contests

The rules of holding contests on Facebook have been recently relaxed. Therefore, you do not really need to use any kind of third-party application for promoting the visibility of your Facebook page. You can hold contests with the purpose of winning something and then you may randomly pick up a winner. Creating contest on Facebook can truly enhance the chances of converting Facebook fans into business leads. The scope of your business will grow immensely provided you can collect names and emails associated with Facebook contests.

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