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how-to-make-social-media-work-for-non-consumer-brandsIt’s no secret that everyone and their grandma is using social media. Your organization probably is too. If, however, you haven’t bought into the digital world yet, you ought to ditch those luddite ways and make social media your greatest recruitment weapon (read=strategy). If you are online, you should make you’re your efforts worth your time. Social media offers opportunities to connect with new and existing members in ways that the old-school ways of recruiting just can’t touch. But, you have to do it right.

Here’s how….

Know Which Outlet(s) Will Work Best

If you’re new to all this, then the first thing you’ll want to figure out is which social media outlet will work best for you. If, for example, you were a clothing retailer, you’d likely want to use Pinterest, Instagram, or both because they’d allow you to showcase photos of your products. If, however, you were a software company, you’d likely skip the Instagram account and opt instead for an outlet that would allow you to share information, articles, etc., like Facebook, or a blog account. As an organization, you’ll likely want to create a community of followers that you can interact with, so you’ll probably want to explore Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Use it Well

One of the side-effects of identifying the purpose and usefulness of different social media outlets is that it will help drive your businesses focus as you use it. If your purpose is to recruit members, you will want to be really present on your account and show that you’re serious and invested in the digital space. You don’t have to share things every hour of every day (in fact, being overly-present can have adverse effects if you aren’t staying intentional with your account), but you ought to update your account regularly and consistently. Don’t forget that one of the best features of social media is that it allows you to interact directly with your followers. Don’t be afraid, then, to respond to their messages or comments on behalf of your brand or organization.

Create (or Reflect) Your Culture

Social media accounts are also prime spots to represent or create your organization’s culture for others to see and participate in. Everything from the photos (or videos) you share to the tone of your posts lets people see what you’re about and influences whether or not they want to jump on board your train. Use that to your advantage, and portray yourself as accurately as possible.

Make it Worth Their While

Of course, culture and presence are important factors in gaining and keeping people’s interest in your account, but it’s also a good idea to ask yourself what you hope people will get out of interacting with your social media account. Are you sharing helpful information that is in demand? Are you addressing their concerns? Are you using it as a platform for them to share their ideas with you? Are you sharing special “inside information” or promotional deals? Whatever you decide, make sure it fits within your organization’s mission, and don’t be afraid to keep it simple or get creative.

As a final note: it is better to maintain one account well than it is to have only a hand in a few different social media sites. Stay focused and meaningful, and you can’t go wrong.

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