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Having Online Marketing Success in 2014

Search engine optimization has been changed forever in 2013. With the continually huge changes that Google implemented through the Penguin and the Panda updates as well as the supplementary programs such as Disavow, there are new tools as well as new pitfalls that must be dealt with in order to … [Read more...]

Beware Of These 5 SEO Myths! They May Cost You Traffic and Conversions

Do people still believe in the ogres and witches of the SEO world? So it seems and it's alarming to say the least. A recent discussion I had with copywriters and marketers in my network brought up numerous myths that I was shocked to hear about. Most of them were about recent changes in SEO … [Read more...]

European Airlines Allow Use of Gadgets during Take-Off

Oh, how we hate having to switch electronic devices off on a flight. Waiting to be re-connected after you take off or land can be a total bore – but it looks like things are about to change. European travelers gong on vacation will soon be able to use their electronic gadgets for the entire duration … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong: Epic Twitter Fails

Who, in the stream of numerous brands, doesn’t have any Twitter account these days? Whether it’s a multi-national business or a mere start-up, most brands maintain a Twitter account to keep their followers posted regarding new products, services and promotions. There is no doubt that using the … [Read more...]

How Social Media is Revolutionizing Workplace Learning

Education, from elementary school to corporate training, is being flipped on its head by technology, and social media has been one of the biggest disruptors of all. When Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media tools first started to take off, teachers and companies tried their hardest to … [Read more...]

Organization Recruitment Tools #SocialMedia #MakeItWorkSoYouDon’tHaveTo

It’s no secret that everyone and their grandma is using social media. Your organization probably is too. If, however, you haven’t bought into the digital world yet, you ought to ditch those luddite ways and make social media your greatest recruitment weapon (read=strategy). If you are online, you … [Read more...]