Constructing Compelling Content: Top 5 Marketing Tips

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In an industry where competition is constantly growing, it’s getting increasingly difficult to shine through the rest of the crowd and build an audience that boots your business. Creating and sharing valuable, fresh, engaging and free content is crucial in attracting people to your brand and driving results.

Every second over 5,700 tweets are tweeted, every minute 100 hours of video uploaded and according to Google, there are 527 million ways to make ice cream.

social media marketing 2013With such an extreme overflow of content being produced and pouring in at such a rapid rate, the question stands – how on earth do you make your content and online marketing stand out? Grab an ice cream (or make one) and think back to your inner child-like mentality.

1. Be Curious and Open Minded

If you are ever around children, you would know they ask a great deal of questions. Children are curious, their brains are constantly developing and by always asking questions like “how” or “why”, they learn. Curious people create useful and fascinating content because they are constantly seeking answers, researching and working out why something is the way it is and how exactly it works.

In your content and online marketing research, make sure you take into account what information your audience wants or needs. Social media monitoring tools and Google trends can help with this.

2. Be Witty

Children love to make people laugh, there is a certain rush you feel when you can put a smile on someone’s face. When constructing great marketing content, learn to engage your audience with the occasional smile whilst still providing clear and informative information.

3. Be Bold, Be Fearless

Some of the best and most unique content stems from addressing a question or topic that your competitors may be too afraid discuss. The greatest thing about children is they are fearless and not afraid to speak their minds. As we move into adulthood, we spend so much time contemplating and analysing the details, what ever happened to just saying it how it is? Whilst our brains are better trained these days than to be too bold, sometimes the best content and marketing ideas come from taking a little more control and stepping in a different direction.

4. Be In It All The Way

It’s all very well though to create great content, but really it has no use if you don’t do the second part of the job right either. It’s one thing to write winning content, but to get it published in the right spots is a whole new game ball.

After you have found an effective outreach placement for your content, make sure you promote it. Use social media to share it around and ask friends and employees to do the same.

5. See through Google’s Eyes

Whilst great content is written for people to read it also needs to be search engine friendly. Optimising content for Google is essential for good rankings. Make sure you are identifying and using relevant keywords and external and internal links. It’s also important to give an appropriate heading, title and description.

As adults we strive to lose our childish behaviours in order to fit into a grown up world. There are, however, characteristics that help us in our professions and enable us to have a certain edge not everyone is brave enough to go for.

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