9 Ways Running Multiple Blogs Can Help Develop Your Copywriting Skills

Blog With Authenticity Without Getting FiredYou are a good writer in your niche, aren’t you?

I’m sure you scored a lot of successes so far. But have you considered to expand to other niches?

Mine your life, your interests, your hobbies— is there anything you can turn into a successful, remunerative copywriting niche? Is that industry one you could even make a new blog about?

The perspective of running multiple blogs might sound like a daunting endeavor at first, but with some planning and a bit of time management skills you can make it. The benefits outweigh the downsides. Yes, because multiple niche blogging will help you do two things:

  • Develop your copywriting skills
  • Expand your market reach to imagination limit.

How Multiple Blogs Make You A Better Copywriter

1. More blogs = more niches (and angles)

As a copywriter you want to know every small detail of the business you’re writing for. But you might know everything about cloud computing software and not a thing about real estate. Start a blog about a different niche than your usual field, take time to explore it and learn more about it as a way to research for your blog posts– that’s surefire way to get your feet wet and your first words on screen.

The more niche blogs you run, the more topics you get to tackle. You don’t have to update all blogs every day. Two posts a month per blog will keep your traffic coming in and give you a way to continue learning.

2. Style and tone differentiation

An article for the IT industry might need to be written in a different tone and style than one in the business, marketing or health industry. Use your blogs to get acquainted with these differences.

3. Develop more than one voice

When you work with Way #2, you’ll see that you’ll become capable to write in more than one voice. Voice is even more important than style and tone, as it goes with your client’s customers’ needs. Say you always worked in the legalese, but you want to expand to groupware software— your voice will have to switch from a serious, law-oriented voice to a more IT-related, fun-loving yet detail-oriented one.

Use your blogs to find your own voice in more fields.

4. Learn to meet the needs of different audiences

You’re well accustomed with your current audience’s needs, but a different audience may bring up different problems and require different approaches to their solution.

What’s better than your blog to attract the right audience and learn from it? A blog allows you to engage your readers in surveys, contests, round-ups and anything that might help you understand their needs better. That’s all work that will pay off in your copywriting profession.

5. Learn something new (and put it into immediate use)

As you discover new topics in the niche you’re exploring, turn that topic into a compelling story that your blog readers can use. Put any new knowledge into use as soon as you grasp it, because that’s not just the best way to retain what you learn, but it gets you immersed into the niche at light speed, too.

6. Mix up your hats and create something new

When you got acquainted with more niches than your top one, practice creating mix up niches that may be helpful to prospects. Got an eye for management software and real estate? Put them together and you can write a white paper that helps readers use IT solutions as an aid when they need to buy a property and they can’t keep track of and compare all the options. Use your creativity and sell yourself in new ways!

7. Attract prospects in more industries

Once you have your blogs up, it’s easier to attract quality prospects in all those industries you had no credentials to pitch before. Now you do! And it’s in your blogs.

8. Become flexible and adaptable

You are now a master at handling multiple niches. You can take up gigs that challenge you to find the common denominator among your knowledge and prospecting assets.

9. Land better clients

When they see you as a versatile writer with more interests that converge into your work (and don’t diverge, because you’re not a jack-of-all-trades, but a qualified professional), prospects will know they can count on your expertise. And hire you.

Ah, I mean serious clients, the kind that pays what you’re worth and even some more. 😉

Did you run multiple blogs before? How did they convert into your profession? Please share!

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