Archives for October 2013

How Zeen is Changing the Digital Media World

This year saw the introduction of Zeen, a website that serves as an online publishing platform. Created by the founders of YouTube, Zeen allows users to create rich content collections that redefine the common definition of the term “web magazine”. Whereas traditional mediums such as blogs and web … [Read more...]

9 Ways Running Multiple Blogs Can Help Develop Your Copywriting Skills

You are a good writer in your niche, aren't you? I'm sure you scored a lot of successes so far. But have you considered to expand to other niches? Mine your life, your interests, your hobbies--- is there anything you can turn into a successful, remunerative copywriting niche? Is that industry … [Read more...]

What Makes a Great Backlink?

What makes a great backlink? Is it Page Rank? Domain Authority? How about niche relevancy? While all those are important SEO metrics, they ignore one of the most important factors to consider when evaluating a potential link opportunity: referral traffic. In fact, when you put these 5 … [Read more...]

Constructing Compelling Content: Top 5 Marketing Tips

In an industry where competition is constantly growing, it’s getting increasingly difficult to shine through the rest of the crowd and build an audience that boots your business. Creating and sharing valuable, fresh, engaging and free content is crucial in attracting people to your brand and driving … [Read more...]

Apple iOS 7 App Development Market Changes

Apple has been redefining the dynamics of the smartphone market since its inception. Almost every Apple product has brought a revolution along with its release. Every new iPhone has set new records for the sale of iPhones across the globe. The reason for this success is not too difficult to … [Read more...]