6 Productivity Tips for Bloggers

 6 Productivity Tips Bloggers Are you having difficulty meeting schedules? Are you struggling with time, feeling frustrated and worn out feeling that there’s too much to do with so little time? Do you find yourself unable to finish projects or lagging behind schedules? Are you getting tired of not meeting deadlines? Or maybe you are tired of the feeling that you are not accomplishing enough in a day. If you are, then be assured that you are not the only one going through such difficulty. Many bloggers are also experiencing some down time when it comes to meeting deadlines and schedules. Truly, being in this situation is really frustrating, but there’s a way out, but only if you want it bad enough. Below are some tips on how to effectively improve your productivity as a blogger.

Tip #1 Plan Ahead and Make a Schedule

This may be cliche but it’s true: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So if you want to succeed, say on a daily basis as a blogger, plan your days well. How will you do this? Well, start making plans for tomorrow the night before. Successful people are known to make plans before they go to bed at night. They think about what they want to accomplish the following day and they come up with a written to-do list and a written schedule to follow. So as a blogger, plan well what you want to accomplish the following day, and put your plan in writing.

Tip #2 Follow Your Schedule to the Letter

It is important that a set schedule is followed to the letter, or else why make a schedule in the first place? Thus it is important that when making a schedule, the time allocation must be realistic and achievable. For example, when doing research for a particular topic that needs to be written, bloggers allocate a specific amount of time for the research process. Stick to the schedule prepared.

Tip #3 Schedule the More Urgent Tasks First

Schedule the More Urgent Tasks FirstBloggers have to attend to so many things online hence it is essential to know which of the activities are urgent and important, important but not really urgent, not urgent and not important, etc. For example, it is just normal for bloggers, at the beginning of the day, to start opening emails and checking which emails need immediate response and which of them can wait later. Now whether doing this task early in the morning is wise or not really depends on the blogger.

Tip #4 Avoid Social Media Early in the Morning

For so many bloggers, social media is one of the culprit why there seems to be “not enough time to finish tasks” on time. This is a sad fact but it is true and very rampant. Bloggers simply lose themselves and their valuable time checking out profiles and updates in Facebook, Twitter, and other social media that before they know it, so much time has passed by. Social media is important, but it can wait, and it’s not urgent (unless the social media is part of a job responsibility) and it can be given a good ‘time slot’ in a person’s schedule within a day. Some bloggers who have overcome social networking site addiction have shifted from ‘first-thing-in-the-morning Facebook’ to ‘last-thing-in-the-evening Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook’, and this move helped their work productivity a lot. In a nutshell, it simply means setting priorities straight.

Tip #5 Set Your Mood Right

Blogging Social Media Day NightThink about this for a moment: what time of the day do you function best? Are you a morning person or a night person? People are wired differently; there are people who work well when it’s nighttime and then there are those who work well during daytime. How about you? Knowing when you are most productive can help you arrange your work schedule so that you can maximize your productivity. For example, if you are a night person, do all your writing in the evenings where your brain will function the most. Schedule all your other chores during the day so by the time evening comes, you’re free from burdens and you can start writing or blogging without any unfinished business. If, on the other hand you are a day person, then there’s not much challenge on your part. Morning or daytime people are known to manage well even when there’s noise or other distractions around him or her. Utilizing therapy lamps can also help set the mood so you can take on those draconian tasks.

Tip # 6 Turn Off Chat, Skype, and Messenger

When you’re writing or blogging, make a schedule to turn off your chat, Skype, or messenger, at least for a period of time. For example, some bloggers say that when they begin blogging in the morning (or whatever time they have set for themselves), the turn off their chat, messenger, or Skype for 4 or 5 hours straight. They do this so they can go about their tasks without interruptions. In order to avoid offending others, they inform their associates and friends when they will be available for chat or Skype or Messenger during the day. They follow this schedule religiously and its working wonders for them. These 6 tips are not really difficult to follow. They are guaranteed to improve blogger’s productivity as long as they are followed conscientiously.

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