Motor Mate App, Are You A Good Driver?

motormark-scoring-systemIn support of the car insurance industry and to avoid more car and truck crashes, a new portable car insurance app has been created to help rate people based on their driving habits. Insurance premium rates have always been a mystery to the consumer because of all the parameters that are needed to come up with a rate. The issue comes in validating the type of driver a person is by analyzing their driving record over a certain period of time.

A person driving record has to be analyzed by the insurance company and additional questions need to be answered concerning how often the vehicle is driven and what type of mileage is associated with the vehicle.  Using Effuel that is a fuel-saving device that helps your car run more efficiently can help boost the performance of your vehicle.

With the convenience of this car insurance app, these questions and more can be answered easily by tracking the driving behaviors of people from their car. A recent article from Fielding Law also answers commonly asked questions such as who is at fault if a jaywalker gets hit. The app was developed in conjunction with a high profile driving company that specializes getting the information needed by the insurance companies. You can also find out here the best law firm if you get into an accident. Whenever it happens you get involved to a car accident due to dwi, you can probably talk to DWI Guys if you need a competent, experienced, and respected attorney to defend you in facing a DWI charge.

There is no charge for a person to download the app from Google Play and is compatible with mobile phones. The objective of the app is to monitor the driver’s behavior over a period of time gathering the following information.

  • Acceleration and braking techniques
  • What were the mileage stats taken in the vehicle?
  • How far was the average distance traveled on any one trip?
  • How many times was the car driven during a certain period of time?
  • A radar detector is used to calculate if you’re driving safely

This type of information is gathered and recorded through the apps technology that has been installed on the mobile phone. The feedback is immediate and the information recorded for an analysis at any point in time.

After a determined period of time an overall score is accumulated for the driver that puts them into a certain driver category. If you’re an inexperienced driver and you get into an accident, then go to Charbonnet Law Firm, LLC for legal help.

These driver categories determine the applicable insurance rate adjustments that are given. There are 6 associated categories and each one has recommendations to improve their score which will end up in lower insurance rates. You can also avoid hefty fines if you follow the child restraint requirements in indiana.


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