8 Ways How Mobile Apps Have Changed Our Lives For the Better

8 Ways How Mobile Apps Have Changed Our Lives For the Better

There was recently a story. There was a question asked about how many people didn’t have smartphones now-a-days and that in a convention of just under 10,000 people, there was 2 non-smartphones left in the lost and found. So, there are plenty of people that now make use of their smartphones and apps have played a big part in the way in which we run and schedule our life.

It has made exercise easier

One of the best ways that mobile apps have changed our lives has been the amount of exercise apps that have popped up in recent times. These apps have been anything from running advice to exercise you can do. They have also had some interesting twists added on to them, such as a running app that encourages you to run by telling you that zombies are chasing! These kinds of apps have made running more desirable and creates more motivation instead of run till you get tired or exercise and hope it works. Exercise apps have allowed up to do things the right way and is beginning to contribute to a healthier world.

It has improved long commutes

Remember when we used to just sit there bored, without much to do? Well, now we have a lot to do on trips on the bus or long trips across multiple states to entertain ourselves. With the addition of apps, we can work on these commutes, we can read and probably best of all: we can play fun games. This allows us to have fun on these trips and play with friends if that is applicable. There are plenty of options now for commutes, whereas it used to be books or handheld games or nothing else.

No longer do you need a console to play a great game

Over time, the games that have been made as a mobile app have changed and now they have become a lot better. Now we can use them to practically replace a console. This has come to a head with a lot of popular games, such as Batman, being ported onto the Android or the iPhone, so now, instead of needed a console to play these games, you can now use your phone. Besides, top maintenance service is also provided.

Scheduling made easy

One of the bad points about having your schedule on your computer, you had to sign in and turn it on and go through that long process before seeing it. With the multitude of scheduling apps on your phone, you can find yourself with your schedule conveniently in the palm of your hand. It also has the ease of being your control center and you can made easy additions to it at any time.

Information at your finger tips

Now that apps can be updated at any time, it has become easier to get relevant information at all times. A perfect example of this is something called mobile convention that delivers leading-edge events, mobile apps and mobile websites for your events, conventions and meetings with an unprecedented mobile platform that provides focused business intelligence to organizations while delivering a better experience for attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and organizations.

Everything in one place

No longer do you need to have various devices to be able to maintain your daily life. You don’t need a GPS, a computer and PDA as well as your phone to be able to manage your life and use the internet. You can now do all of these things on your smartphone, making it extremely convenient for anyone living a busy life.

Social media at our fingertips

While some might argue that this hasn’t been a benefit to us, but it has made communication easier and made it easier for us to stay with friends. Our mobile apps has made it easier to keep up with the loves of our friends and family without the need for a computer. We also have found the ability to follow the lives of celebrities with the twitter feed on our phones.

It has created jobs

This one isn’t directly related to mobile apps, but popular mobile apps have had to bring on additional workers to build future apps. This has given skilled workers a place to go and a way in which they can do what they love.

So, there have been many ways that mobile apps have benefited our lives and we sometimes find ourselves taking it for granted. Next time you schedule a meeting on your iPhone or play a game on your Android device, think of what you would have been doing without it and everything you would need to do what you’re doing.

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