Must Have Social Media Plugins for your WordPress Blog

Non Profit WordPress Themes

Non Profit WordPress Themes

If you are into social media, your first objective will be to spread word about your business, products and services. These plugins can be included in your blog page itself. Plugins help your blog readers follow you on social media. When your blog is discussed in the social media, you stand a better chance of being found on search engines. And that means more business for you.

There is no dearth to the number of plugins you will see in the internet and not all of them are made equal. There are some which are considered as must-have. Here are some must-haves that smart bloggers used and benefitted greatly. You should at least try them. You will really like them for the benefit they bring to your readers.

Jetpack Publicize

The main objective that Jetpack Publicize hopes to achieve is distributing new posts across several social media. For extensive documentation on setting up the plugin and using them you should visit Jetpack’s website. At the same place, you can also download the plugin. To use this plugin you must be running WordPress version 2.7 minimum, though a more advanced one is recommended. If you find a particular feature not to your liking you can switch them off. There is a provision in Jetpack for it.

Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share Button

This is a must-have of must-haves plugin, and the reason for that is there are a billion people on the Facebook and Twitter accounts collectively. They are all for you to make best use of. You can download this plugin here  and install it straightaway with minimum hassle. Your WordPress site must be at least version 2.9, but preferably higher. Extensive documentation and support is also available for installing and customizing it. Though the plugin is primarily used for Twitter and Facebook accounts, they are just as useful for LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and still others. So far more than half a million people have downloaded this plugin.

Tweet Old Post

Blog posts never lose their value unless they are time related. At times when you have nothing new to tweet you can use this plugin recycle your older posts and get substantially derive benefits. The principal benefit is you can use it for drawing users toward your newer blog posts. To download this plugin click here. Your WordPress blog site must be at least version 2.7, but it is better if you have a newer version. More than 177,000 WordPress blog owners have downloaded this plugin. For support you can click here. Screenshots of the plugin are also available at the same place where you download the plugin.

Digg- Digg

If you don’t want to cramp your blog with too many social media plugins the best choice is Digg-Digg.  It will give your blog a neat clean appearance that anyone will appreciate. You can install this plugin on any WordPress blog that runs on version 2.3 or higher. It is compatible up to 3.5.1 but not higher. It is one of the latest plugins for WordPress. A little more half a million users are already using it on their blogs. You can download the plugin by clicking here. There is extensive support available which you can access by clicking here. If you want to see screen shots you can access it at this web page itself.


In social media photos have a special place. Often people who visit your blog from the social media website expect to see them on your blog. PhotoDropper helps visitors find the right photos. The plugin is free to use and can be downloaded here. To install the plugin your WordPress blog must be 3.1 or above. About 105 thousand users are already using the plugin. The plugin is particularly suited for both professional and amateur bloggers. Other types of users include colleges & universities, blog editors and even fortune 500 companies and magazines. Extensive support and screen shots can be accessed from the same place you download the plugin.


InBoundWriter is a must for those create lots of text contents. It is also better for its SEO capabilities. It also provides real time information on keywords, scoring and intelligence as it relates to social media. The biggest advantage is it helps writers by suggesting topics and even guides writers by providing inputs after you have completed about 200 words. This one of the top plugins you cannot ignore. InBoundWriter works on version 3.0.6 (or higher) WordPress blog sites. Though compared with other plugins there are fewer users, you should take note of the fact that it has one of the highest ranking at 4.2 out 5 maximum.

You can download the plugin here. A unique feature to this plugin is that it is responsive to mobile devices. You can also access support from the place you used for downloading the plugin.

Must-Have Social Media Plugins for your WordPress Blog – Click to Tweet

Must Have Social Media Plugins for your WordPress Blog
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