Developing a Social Video Strategy

Developing a Social Video Strategy

This is a very important line to take. Lots of people play fast and loose with their social videos. They pay them either too little respect, attention or money. The end result is that they damage their online reputation to the point where they would have been better off if they had never had a social media profile. According to the Squideo video production company developing a social media video strategy means that you purposefully become aware of a goal, and develop a plan to use social videos to help achieve that goal. Only in this way is your social video campaign going to have any success. Simply having a social video campaign for the sake of it, or for publicity, is asking for trouble.

Define your goals for your social video

Your goal cannot be something vague such as “to build the brand,” your goal must be specific. You can have more than one goal per video, but each video must focus on one goal primarily. For example, your goals may be to build product awareness and make your company appear professional; however, you must have one overriding goal, which in this case may be to promote the durability of one product in your line. You can upload your videos on an online platform for Real time captioning.

Take each goal one at a time

You may want a lot from your social media video campaign, but you must try to take each goal one at a time. The more that you focus on just one goal per video, the more likely it is to be successful. For example, you may wish to promote how durable, high quality and low priced your product is, but you will do better if you did a video for each aspect instead of one video trying to cover all three.

Start with a screenplay

This should become part of your video plan. Start with the screenplay and make sure it “reads” correctly, otherwise you will struggle to produce a usable video.

Shorten and edit your screenplay

Almost every video screenplay you come up with is going to be bloated and overly long. Do not forget that a video of a promotional nature needs to be short, because your customer is not going to watch it for long.

Set a budget for your video

Before production beings you need to set a budget. A video budget is always going to spiral out of control, so set a budget pre-production and stick to it. If you cannot muster a large budget, then consider not producing your video.

Spend a lot of time finding actors or animators

Your video may be animated or acted. Whichever is the case, you must make sure you hire the best Social Media Video Production Company, because bad actors or animators are going to stink up your production.

Shoot multiple takes of each scene

This is something you need to do because it is incredibly hard to get the perfect take for each scene, and you need to give your editor as much material as possible.

Get yourself a really good editor

Your editor is the one who makes the magic happen. So you need to make sure you hire a good one. Because, even a well acted and produced video can be ruined by a bad editor.

Test your video to be sure it is concise

Watch it yourself; show it to your staff, friends, family, customers, etc. Be aware for any resistance to them watching it. You will see on their face if they are bored.

Check your video against your goals

Now that you have your video, you need to consult your original goal list to figure out if you actually achieved your goals via the video. If you did not then it may be time to revisit the editing room.

Get yourself a fantastic sound editor

The sound of your video is what turns it from an amateur production into a smooth and sophisticated video. Make sure you hire a good one who can make your actors tinny voices sound like the syrup soaked voice of a superstar.

Add it to your website and YouTube

Once your video is complete, it is time to start disseminating it online. Make sure it appears on your website, put it on your YouTube channel, and do not be afraid to pass it around the other social media sites too.

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