Top Four Essential Website Design Trends In 2013

Website Design 2013

Website Design 2013

In the past few years there has been a remarkable shift in the way the developers are creating the websites. Most of the users have already shifted onto the different mobile platforms together with new browsers that support the HTML5/ CSS3 web standards. You will find so many unique thoughts flowing out from the designer’s community. Therefore, it seems like new entrances are being restored every few months.

In this article you will get an idea on the most recent trends that have been evolving for the time. Among them there are many of the designs that are around for a long time. In the year 2012 we have seen several new trends that appear in website design and one of the most distinguished being the growth of responsive design.

Mentioned below are some of the essential website design trends that you require to know for the year 2013

Mobile First Design

The concept of responsive design is not just limited to full sites scaling down lesser. The ideology that is surfacing among the designers is to commence with mobile and then create it according to the concept of the designer. It is much easier to plan out your interface elements and then squeeze each layer of the concept into mobile layout. If all of them don’t fit you need to drop out quite a few. Simultaneously, you also need to plan out on how the design will look once the window goes bigger. You will have enough of room to incorporate a sidebar, if it’s possible maximum 2 sidebars together with various other page components. Therefore, this trend points towards a necessity to fill mobile interface as the main concern among the Internet users. Most of the desktop browsers will be compatible and happy with new layouts as long as everything works perfectly. It is quite difficult to nail down on the mobile platforms and therefore it is advisable to get started with something that is small while you plan to opt for a larger design.

Infinite Scrolling

There are few social media sites that have started to pin down infinite scroll effects onto the various dashboards, timelines along with user feeds. This effect got much attraction due to the huge popularity of Tumblr and Twitter’s unique layout style. And recently it is also found that Pinterest is following the same path in their homepage. This is helpful as it gives a seamless boundary without reloading the page. But then the users using the website will face a hard time generating the permalinks for the dissimilar kind of pages. Furthermore, it also brings up the vital point that all of the sites will not need endless scrolling.

Whitespace and minimalism

Both of these terms whitespace and minimalism are thrown around a lot. And this is very true that these trends are a part of website design for a sometime now. They have developed to play a part as the new spectrum of creativity. There are numerous sites that make use of whitespace as a design tool that will force the users to focus basically on the basic content.

Natural Design Elements

The CSS3 have brought in various kinds of changes. Among them importing typography with the help of fontface in addition to keyframe animations are few of the elements that exhibit the advanced traits. These traits also comprises of box shadows, rounded corners or background gradients through a flexible container.

So, these are the top four essential website design trends that you need to know in 2013. Therefore various web design agency need to follow all of these four trends to get more visibility.

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