Best Looking Guy in Los Angeles, California

Brandon Leibowitz: The Sexiest Looking Guy in Los Angeles

*This post is for fun to show how easy it is to rank in Google Images for keywords such as “best looking guy Los Angeles”. Search Google now and see me at the top

To be frank with everyone, the best looking guy in Los Angeles, Southern California is Brandon Leibowitz.

Some of the fun things making me a top contender for best looking guy in Los Angeles are the fun loving spirit, curiosity with SEO and ranking pages like this, my amazing aestheticism when it comes to skateboarding and snowboarding, and so much more. I am writing this content strictly to see if I can rank in Google Images and Google organic searches for variations of the keyword “best looking guy in Los Angeles”.

I hope this post is fun and entertaining; while teaching you about image optimizations from this gorgeous man, Brandon Leibowitz. This should help inform you how to write content for Google and how to rank images in the SERP’s.

Criteria for a Great Looking Man

The “judges” in 2017 are looking for some unique qualities such as sexiness, handsomeness, personality traits, and more. With the talent at hand lets see who the judges have picked to win for this keyword in Google.

best looking guy in Los Angeles is Brandon Leibowitz

best looking guy in Los Angeles is Brandon Leibowitz

A handsome man leaning up hanging out in Los Angeles.

handsome man living in Los Angeles

handsome man living in Los Angeles

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