How To Rank Images In Google Search

Rank Images In Google Search

Rank Images In Google Search

You would be surprised to know how many people use Google images to search.  There are many people that use it on a consistent basis and it is true as many sites like Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram are growing in popularity.  If you work online or want to maintain a positive presence online with the image search for a particular keyword then you must understand how Google’s algorithm works in ranking images.  There are a few steps to help ensure that whatever image you post on the web ranks high in the Google search.

Make sure you research the keywords you are targeting to see how competitive it is.  Ranking an image at the top of the list can get you a decent amount of traffic to your website.

Image Name

This is very important as your file name is seen by Google and plays a large influence in your rankings.  Always name the file with your keywords.  For example if you are target keyword is “skateboard coupon codes” then you should name the image “skateboard-coupon-codes.jpg”  Always do this for all images you plan to upload to the internet.

Image Size

This may sound strange, but having your image size end in 0 helps.  For example if the original image is 321 x 243 you should re-size it to 320 x 240 just for ranking purposes.  Google images allows you to enter a specific image size and people will more likely search for 0 rather than a random size.  These searches also drastically reduce the number of competing sites so your changes of ranking at the top are much greater.

A good technique is to create images in popular sizes, which are usually 150 x 150 or other square sizes.  Thumbnail images are typically 25 x 25 or 50 x 50 so creating multiple image sizes can be another strategy.  This also allows you to rank multiple times in Google images.

Alt Tags

Alt tags refer to the HTML code that lets Google spider know what the image is about.  It should describe what your image is and also have your keywords.  Make it readable as when users scroll over the image a pop up appears with the alt tag.  Here is an example of an alt tag for the skateboarding coupon code site:

<img src=”skateboard-coupon-codes.jpg” width=”250″ height=”250″ alt=”Skateboard Coupon Codes”>

Image Placement

You want to align your image next to the keywords your targeting if there is text.  The closer the image is to the keyword the more relevant is is to Google.  Use the “align” or “float” in your html.  This will ensure the image and content are close together.  The more relevant the image is to the pages content the more likely to have it rank.

How so you rank images in Google search, share your techniques below.

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