How to Promote Events on Facebook

How to Promote Events on Facebook

How to Promote Events on Facebook

Facebook is a social media giant right now. It has everything you need to help spread the word about anything. So of course, Facebook would make an excellent tool to promote events, but promoting events is more than just sending invites to people; it can be more difficult than that. Which is why Mari Smith has created a case study that provides us with six ways that help effectively promote events on Facebook, by using the Social Media Success Summit 2011 event by the Social Media Examiner as an example.

Add social share buttons to your event registration page

The first way is to add social share buttons to your event registration page. Smith states that “numbers mean social proof;” the more Likes, retweets or shares you have and whatnot, the more likely other people will think of your event as popular. Smith then suggests to position any social buttons you have, like the TweetMeme retweet button, Facebook Like button and the LinkedIn Share button, on the top right of your page, above the fold, as this eliminates the need to scroll down to find it. Adding a Facebook comments plugin can also add to the visibility of your event page, as it syncs with user profiles.

Add a blurb to your Facebook Page banner

The second way is to add a blurb to your Facebook Page banner. Smith considers that “the image on your fan page is prime real estate.” Utilize the image space you have to promote your event and attract more likes.

Promote your registration page on your fan page wall

The third way is to promote your registration page on your fan page wall. You can promote the direct link to your event as long as you’re able to provide enough content about your event in your fan page wall. Mixing up your registration page and the link to your event can also work wonders.

Create a Facebook event

The fourth, oddly enough, is to actually create a Facebook event. You can do this via your personal profile and your fan page. Creating from your personal profile gives you the ability to message your friends about the event through their Inbox, although this makes it just as easy to spam your friends about the event, so be careful. Furthermore, the downside to fan page-created events is that you can only send updates to all your fans. Smith suggests creating business related events through the fan page while keeping personal and social events within your personal page. Add more visibility to your event by asking invitees to invite their friends to the event.

Live micro events on your fan page

The fifth way is to offer live micro events on your fan page, like hosting web seminars through live-streaming  This promotes interaction between you and your fans, as well as adding value to your upcoming event.

Encourage attendees to engage and share

The sixth and final way is to encourage attendees to engage and share. Simply encourage the people coming to your event to write on your Facebook wall, as well as share the event to other people. This gives your event even more visibility and can get more people to express interest and attend your event.

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