Authorship Markup In Googles Post-Penguin Environment

You have to think about the Google Authorship Markup process when it comes to making your images on your site easier to find on Google. It is a big part of what makes search engine results easier to see.

The fact about Google is that it often posts images on its search result pages. These include posts on not only the top-rated images for the image section of a page but also a few photos that might be posted next to some of the top-rated items on an engine. This might add to the visibility that comes with any result.

You have to use Authorship Markup if you want your site to be more visible. It is a smart solution dedicated to giving your site access to more people at any given time.

Why is This Important?

This part of SEO in the post-Penguin era is important because your author rank is just as important as your page rank. The two ranks you have are often joined to add a general idea of the ranking that you have to use on the search engine.

The author has to be trustworthy to actually get a page to rank high up. This is a process that must be used carefully.

How To Get There

The process of getting your site posted up well enough on Google is important to see. You have to start by verifying the email that your site is linked up to. This is so you can prove that you run that email address and that you have consistent access to it.

Next, you need to use a bio page on your blog or other site you have. The profile you have on your blog should be used as the source of a photo you have or the information relating to what you write about.

Adjusting Google Plus

You can get a Google Plus account set up as well. You can create a profile with your own picture and follow that up with a profile description that relates to what you have to offer. You can link to your Google Plus page and your main business website as well.

Don’t forget to keep everything verified. This has to be verified if your site is to be trustworthy and easy to read by Google so your site can show up properly.

This can all be done from a service from a company like but it can also be completed from just about any computer that you have. You just need to make sure you create pages that are arranged and organized well enough so Google can actually move through them.

This process for Authorship Markup has to be used carefully if you want to excel in SEO plans for Google. This is all made to give your site a more visible appearance that will make it stand out and be more noticeable when compared to other places that you might find online.

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