Top 3 Social Sharing Tools You Should Use for Your Business’s Content

With all the types of online content coming out nowadays, the power of social sharing has become an important factor here. Based on an infographic made by BlueGlass on content marketing, 90% of business marketers are already engaged on using content to reach more customers while 26% include this strategy on their budget. These large numbers simply show how powerful online content can get, but remember it can’t stand alone without being shared.

So how is it possible for websites and even e-commerce sites to make their content shareable? If you haven’t figured it out yet, there are social sharing tools you can actually use. We have gathered three of the best examples to help you decide. Check these out and explore a little bit on which will suit your online business.



This platform has been around for several years now and is still one of the favorites for social sharing. It is compatible with any type of content management system like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Blogger. ShareThis also has different styles of presenting your share buttons. You can even customize your choice by adding or removing specific social media channels.

If you’re still thinking if ShareThis is the right choice for you, then let their publishers clear your mind. Some of these are,, and

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Another top social sharing tool is AddThis which is being used by over 14 million sites at present. It provides social plugins and analytics that help site owners share their page and monitor their performance online. The great thing about this platform is it doesn’t only limit itself to providing social buttons. You can also use their welcome bar, trending topics, and follow buttons as plugins for your site.

If you prefer to just add a specific button, then this site can also provide you with an individual button for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Some of the websites that have already used AddThis are,, and

With one look at, you might think that it resembles Pinterest only with a blue background. But it’s not like that famous social media site that uses pin boards. This social platform provides you with plugins to share posts on various websites. You can choose a specific button on their page and use it as your plugin.

Aside from the plugins, this online platform also has an advertisement space that shows up after the user is done sharing. It can help you gain revenue for your online business. For better tracking, it also provides a social analytics dashboard that’s easy to use.

By now you should know that sharing online really has a great role in reaching a better audience and giving out your message. In an infographic that features AddThis, it can be seen that there is a continuous growth in sharing online. So you can’t just place it on the shelf and let your e-commerce site or content gain viewers on its own. Add up a social share tool or plugin and make your content too powerful for readers to be convinced that it’s worth the share.

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